Best What to do In Cancun guide

Have you ever hoped to travel to a new destination for your vacation?

Cancun is the ideal place for dreams of relaxation and tranquility to come true, as this beautiful city has paradisiacal views that you will not want to miss for anything.

This city is the perfect mixture of an urban city with a touch of culture and innovation because on the side of the hotel zone (same that joins the city by the bridge Calinda). You will be able to find restaurants and store squares of luxury, Besides the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. On the other hand, this the center of the city where you will be able to taste local flavors and to buy typical articles of the Mexican culture, the same with which you will be able to presume to your friends and acquaintances near your adventures for the city.

How to get to each area

Cancun is not a very big city, because it has barely 45 years of being inhabited and exploited as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico. However, you have to know that mobility can be a bit complicated, so acquiring a Cancun airport Transportation by eTransfers, this service may be the solution to this, because wherever you want to get a service of this type will certainly help you.


Some of the activities you can do while in the snake’s nest (which means Cancun) are as follows.

Visit the Mayan Museum in Cancun

It contains the most relevant Mayan artifacts for the mentioned culture, so you can’t miss a completely new experience while visiting this young museum.

Close to the museum you can find many activities to do. For example, the nearby beaches are not very well known, so they will be ideal if you visit the city alone or in pairs and want to spend a moment of privacy and enjoy the calm that the waves of the sea and white sand will bring to you.

Do Snorkel

This is one of the main activities in the city, as generally, all tourism agencies in the city sell packages with snorkeling included, you can check with your tour seller or search on the Internet about the best places to snorkel in the city.

One of the places not to be missed while practicing this underwater sport is the MUSA (underwater museum of art). Were you can view life-size sculptures in the depths of the sea and live an unparalleled experience while you are enjoying the marine species that inhabit the vicinity.

Visit Delfines Beach

Better known as the Mirador, Playa Dolphins is the ideal beach to take pictures of the blue sea and contemplate the beauty of the extension of the Caribbean sea over Mexican lands.

The symbol with the letters CANCUN is in this place, emblem of the city where thousands of tourists every day take a picture and live an incredible experience.

This beach is also ideal for surfing, as it is one of the beaches with the most hectic waves in the city. You must be cautious if you carry small children, as they could suffer an accident if you do not stay on the lookout.

Walk in the shopping malls.

The shopping malls in Cancun are one of the most famous attractions, as they have views of the sea, Nichupté Lagoon, and many of these even have recreational activities for anyone who visits any of these places.

Have fun in the nightclubs

Cancun is well known for the nightlife that abounds in this beautiful city because one of the reasons why hundreds of people come to this incredible tourist destination is to have a great time and have fun like never before!

Some of the nightclubs you can visit in Cancun are the following.

  • Mandala
  • Palazzo (also in Playa del Carmen)
  • La Vaquita (also in Playa del Carmen)
  • Coco-Bongo
  • The City

Enjoy your travel to Cancun .

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