Best Type of Dress for Every Event (Dresses for women)

It is of vital importance to know what type of dress to wear for an event. Showing up at a job interview, in a professional office, wearing a low cut mini dress will probably not land you the job. You would also not wear a wedding dress to a funeral. Most of the time, knowing what to wear is obvious, but not always. And sometimes when we ask for a dress code, it is not clear. The fact that there are so many dresses for women makes the task even more difficult. If you’re looking for a well-crafted design, you can reach out to specialists on dress for hire Melbourne. Take your time to ask all the questions you have and purchase a dress that you’re comfortable taking home.

Although there is rarely a way to target every event, the following should help you determine what kind of dress to wear for specific events:

  • Semi-formal: For semi-formal events such as dances or cocktail parties, dresses made of sparkling fabric or satin is a good choice. These are usually short, but can sometimes belong. They may be designed with sequins or rhinestones. A Little Black Dress is also a good option for a semi-formal event. A jacket or a wrap is a good accessory year-round. Other dresses that are appropriate for semi-formal events include a form-fitting Bandage Dress,  a Bodycon Dress, a Tube Dress, and Pencil Dress (specifically for cocktail parties).
  • Formal wear: Formal wear usually calls for a long gown, but not always, as some short and mid-calf dresses are designed for formal events. An Empire Dress is great for any kind of formal, especially a prom as is a Tulle Dress. Although short, a Maxi Dress is good for a formal. A Mermaid Dress and Slit Dress are both long and good options for a formal event, especially when outdoors.
  • Club/Party wear: Most clubs or party dresses are short which makes dancing easier than with a long dress. A Lace-up dress is one of the sexier options because it has a lace-up section that sometimes runs and shows a lot of skin. Other dresses include a Mini Dress, a Pouf Dress, and a Wrap Dress.
  • Casual party: There are several possible options for casual parties, but the most popular are a Layered Dress, a Sweater Dress, and a Sundress.
  • Weddings: Dressing for a wedding can be a bit tricky at times. Although not always, the location of the wedding may sometimes guide you in making the decision as to what type of dress to wear. For instance, a daytime beach wedding might call for a Sundress, a Layered Dress, or a Tent Dress. A nice dress or skirt would be acceptable for a courtyard wedding, while a tea-length or knee-length dress would be a good choice for a daytime church wedding. Because evening weddings are generally more formal, how to dress should be on the invitation. A Maxi Dress is short but is a good option for a day or night wedding. If you are unsure about how to dress, call the bride and ask.
  • Ball: Although balls are a rarity in this day and time, they do still exist. For this event, you would wear a full-length ball gown or maybe a Bouffant Dress. A Princess Silhouette Dress (tailored to the waist with a flowing gown) is also a lovely choice. For a Debutante Ball, a Debutante Dress which is always white has a fitted bodice, and touches the floor is a must.
  • Business: A Blazer Dress, which is short with buttons down the front, is good business attire as is a Shift Dress. A Pencil Dress or Peplum Dress is both good for office or client dinners.
  • Casual parties: Causal parties are usually a little easier to dress for, but some appropriate options include a Cape Dress, a Shift dress, a Shirt Dress, a Skater Dress, or a T-Shirt Dress.
  • Funeral: A black or dark-colored dress of appropriate length with sleeves meets funeral etiquette.
  • Any occasion: Although there are other possibilities, A Chiffon Dress and a Shift Dress are good choices.

To recap, how you dress for an event is extremely important. The more you know about appropriate attire, the easier time you will have choosing a dress. Even with these suggestions, there are other options, so when in doubt ask.

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