Best Sites to Switch Over Project Free TV : Popcorn Time, Free Sports

One of the most common scenarios which we all have witnessed all over the internet is that when a free website which is selling movie or shows gets banned or blocked then dozens other pops up in its place. The same thing is happening with Project Free TV. Since it’s banned a number of other streaming websites are taking its place and looking for ways to manage this sudden increase in the traffic.

Around 2007 Project Free TV was banned and all of us went crazy. But thank God for the following sites which are ready with similar free content for all of us. But make sure that you are taking proper precautions else you might get caught.

  1. – One of the best online streaming pages right now. When you click on any free movie or TV show then you redirected to a number of pages among which also exists. This is an ad-free website and thus highly appreciated by the users. And you will be amazed by the picture quality. It is truly amazing and astounding. The picture quality of is similar to any other amazing premium streaming show. But you don’t need to pay even a single penny for this streaming website.
  2. Popcorn Time – This is a Torrent service. But the quality of content available here is completely top class. It is also called as “Netflix Pirate”. And thus you can sign it and then download as many number of episodes as you want.
  3. VIPBox.Tv – This is a perfect website for online sports shows. Here you can watch as many as sporting events like badminton, boxing, chess, cricket and lots more. You get all the similar content at much higher prices on the other websites. But on this website, you get it completely free of cost.
  4. WatchCartoonOnline – This is where you can watch cartoons to your heart’s content. If you are a lover of cartoons then this should be your top pick. This is completely free of cost website and it also does not have any ads. What more do you want at this price? Quite lucrative and perfect. And the quality is also superb. The picture quality of almost all the other movies and shows are truly astounding.

Thus, what are you waiting for? The above-given websites are some of the best alternatives for ProjectFreeTV. They are free of cost and thus you will love to enjoy this free of cost channels. Even their picture quality is also awesome and thus you will truly love them.

Let us know in the comments down below if you have watched any of these alternatives to Project Free TV. Also, did you like watching project Free TV? How has it’s closing down affected you? Why do you think it was closed? And also do you love watching shows on such websites. Let us know in the comments down below what are your thoughts.

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