Best Screen Cover for Mac Computer to Protect from Bad Radiation

Most people cannot imagine living without their computers. If somebody were to take your computer and smartphone from you, your life would probably turn upside down. Most things that run your life are probably held in your digital devices from work or school to contact details of all the important people in your life.

The bad news is that those very helpful gadgets in your life are also sources of radiation. They produce electromagnetic fields (EMF), radio frequency (RF), Bluetooth, and WiFi radiation. Among all digital devices, including microwaves, laptops have the highest emission of EMF which is released from their undersides. It produces 40-100 milliGauss EMF which is 40 to 100 times more than the recommended limit of exposure. To put this into perspective, about 10-70 milliGauss of EMF is enough to cause an increased risk of leukemia. Keep in mind that the older your laptop is, the more EMF radiation it produces.

Desktop monitors emit electric and magnetic radiation from the back and the sides of the computer.

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

According to the World Health Organisation, these EMFs lead to an increased likelihood of developing cancer. They can also trigger symptoms like suicide by depression, low libido, headaches, vomiting, stress, and fatigue.

The EMF radiation from laptops is even more dangerous since they are often placed on laps. The radiation is concentrated on the abdominal area where the reproductive organs are and it may cause problems. In men, this may lead to lower sperm counts and/or less active sperms which is a leading cause of infertility. In females, it affects the development of fetuses which will be noticed after childbirth.

How Can You Avoid the Effects of EMF Radiation?

There a few steps you can take to avoid the devastating effects of EMF radiation:

Keep Your Distance

While using your Mac, keep a minimum distance of about 20cm from it. In fact, avoid putting on your lap as much as possible by placing it on a desk or other surface. Make sure there’s enough space between your lap and the desk to give the opportunity for the EMF radiation to escape.

Disconnect the Internet

Connecting your Mac to the internet results in higher emissions of EMF radiation because devices require stronger electromagnetic fields to connect to WiFi. The radiation is even worse when you’re streaming videos. To reduce this kind of radiation, disconnect your Mac from the internet when you’re not using it. When the internet is connected or when watching videos on it, avoid putting it on your lap at all costs.

Use an EMF Radiation Shield

An EMF radiation cover is a laptop pad that is made up of layers that are designed to block the radiation from the underside of your Mac. Have you ever noticed that your laptop gets hot at the bottom after using it for a while? Radiation covers are also effective at shielding your lap from this heat.

For desktop monitors, the EMF shield is placed behind and on the sides and it forms a kind of cage to keep in the radiation waves.

Blue Light Protection

Radiation is not the only harmful product produced by computers. Blue light, a high-energy light, causes damage to your eyes and disrupts sleep. Click here to find out more about the impact of blue light on your sleep.

Screen protectors are made from tempered glass that can be fitted over your screen. They block blue light from reaching your eyes and causing havoc. They can also be fitted on your smartphone and tablet. The strong tempered glass provides added protection from accidental breaks and scratches.

Purchase a MacBook pro screen protector today and save yourself from the detrimental effects of blue light.

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