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As a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, don’t you think it will be a great idea to have a top of the line Case that will protect your Samsung Galaxy device?

After shelling out hundreds of dollars buying your high-end Samsung Galaxy phone, what you need to safeguard your device is a good Case that will prevent it from scratches and fall damage.

So, to help you choose the best Cases, we have rounded up the best Samsung Phone Cases according to their models to protect your device all day.

Best Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Cases

If you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Case, then the best on our list are these two Cases:

1. NageBee Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case

The captivating thing about the Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case is the locking swivel belt clip that swivels 180 degrees to let you view your device in multiple angles.

In case you’re asking, yes, the NageBee Samsung Galaxy Express 3 is a sturdy case, and the intelligent design ensures a phone is well designed to withstand abuse or drops.

2. Galaxy Express 3 Cases, CoverON [Atomic Series] Hybrid Armor Cover

You’re going to love the feel of the Samsung Galaxy Express 3 as they feel elegant and aesthetic.

While this Samsung case is straightforward to install with a simple snap to put it on, it also offers extra grips to let you hold your device firmly. 

Impressively, this case has been designed to prevent the screen from having scratches even when faced down.

Best Samsung Galaxy Luna Case

Here a two Samsung galaxy Luna phone case

1. TUFF Series Military Grade Drop Tested Impact Resistant Hybrid Cover, and Atom LED

The TUFF Series Military Grade is a very rugged Case that is not only shock-proof but also impacts resistant to protect your device from shock, drops, and abuse.

The included black flexible rubber that wraps the edge of the phone does a great job in keeping the phone secure. The combo between the rubber as a cushion and the plastic as an helmet on your device is amazing. 

I also like the fact that all the edges in the four corners allow for a good grip. Meaning, it will reduce the chances of your phone dropping on the floor.

2. Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge/J3 2017/J3 Prime/J3 Mission/J3 Eclipse/J3 Luna Pro/Sol 2/Amp

For excellent protection against bumps, scratches, and shocks, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge/J3.

With a 5 color design, this Case comes with an aesthetic Color that is beautifully laid with the curving edges. While boasting a pleasant design, the case is well-made to protect your phone from scratches and falls.

Best Galaxy Note Edge Cases

Number one on our list is the:

1. Verus Thor Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Why I like the build of the Verus Thor Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge device is because of the robust design coupled with a slim profile casing.

This Case comes with a dual-layered material that helps to withstand scratches, drops, and falls.

With a slimline design that doesn’t make your phone feel bulky, the edges of this Case are rubberized to prevent slippage. 

2. Verus Vintage Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Vintage Flip Case is made with 100% high-grade polyurethane leather to protect your Note Edge from bumps, sudden impacts, and scratches. 

You’ll see slots to store your credit card and a kickstand to let you watch your favorite movie comfortably.

Also, the Case offers an inner lining that has a smooth microfiber texture against scratches and hard drops.

Best Samsung Galaxy s6 Active Cases

1. Ringke Fusion Crystal Hard Case

Featuring a lightweight design, the Ringke Fusion Crystal Hard Case is ruggedly built to prevent your galaxy s6 from drops.

This Case is easy to install with a simple snap to give your device maximum protection against scratches, scuffs, and minor impacts.

2. OtterBox Symmetry Case

The OtterBox Symmetry Case is sturdy case that is Built to handle impacts like a Pro. This Galaxy S6 edge Case offers you a slim profile design to protect your phone from scratches and drops.

The feel of the back shell is exceptionally smooth, while the raised side buttons do an excellent job for a more relaxed press.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Cases

1. Galaxy S8 Active Case, SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

I will give the Galaxy S8 Active Case, a confirmed nod due to its robust, rugged design. To back up this hype, this Case sports a front protective piece alongside raised edges to protect your phone’s screen from scratch or any unseen hazards.

It offers a back piece that comes with shock-absorbing TPU with hard, drop-resistant Polycarbonate materials.

The dual layer system is skillfully placed securely to give your device the maximum defense it needs.

That said, the integrated screen protector is present to keep sand or dust and debris off your phone without affecting your touch sensitivity.

You will also get a raised bezel on the front cover to give your device maximum protection while the back cover stands as a reliable shield against drops, scratches and unseen damage.

With a convenient belt clip holster, you will be able to keep your device in your pockets, bags, and hands without any issue.

2. Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Rugged Case

The Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with almost the same function with the Galaxy S8 Active Case.

A notable feature that is worthy of mention is the included carbon fiber texture—this feature helps to provide outstanding shock absorption while maintaining a beautiful TPU case design.

You also have the interior spider-web pattern and air cushion technology to keep your device from scratches, bumps, and drops. 

Best Samsung J3 Prime Case

1. Poetic Revolution Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Case

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy Case that offers rugged 360-degree protection to your Samsung Galaxy j3 prime device, then this is the Case for you.

This Case comes with impact resistant corners to keep your phone from bumps, fall damage, and any other unseen hazards.

It also offers a water-resistant built-in screen protector to protect your screen from water damage. With a 3 color design, you will be able to pick which one that is more appealing and suits your preference.

2. Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Brushed Metal Case

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Brushed Metal Case comes with a brushed finish texture to provide your Galaxy J3 Prime superior an elegant look.

The multi-layer design also comes in 4 colors to give your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime device maximum protection against unseen hazards and scratches.

Best Galaxy S7 Active Case

1. Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Tough Armor Case

The Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Tough Armor Case is available in 2 colors. And one thing that makes the Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Tough Armor Case stand out from the rest is its ability to withstand military drop test standards. This is for the best model of Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases.

It uses air cushion technology to protect your device from accidental damage. The Tough Armor Case is readily available to take a beating and withstand abuse.

2. Supcase Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Case

The Supcase Samsung Galaxy S7 has a slim profile design that does a great job in absorbing shock.

It offers a dual layer design that helps to keep your smartphone protected from bumps, drops, and scratches.


You’re sure of getting the best Case protection with these top of the line Cases for your Samsung Galaxy Phones. These are the very best Cases we can recommend you get to keep your high-end Samsung galaxy phone Safe from scratches, bumps and drops.  Or you can visit for more detail now!

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