Best Recipes from Leftover Ground Beef

Ground beef is beef that is finely chopped using a mincing machine, grinder, or knife. The meat is made up of meats from various organs and skeletal muscles. Most people use ground beef to make hamburgers, among other delicacies.

In the cooking process of burgers, some ground beef might remain, whether raw or cooked.  The leftover of the meat is very useful to make other delicious meals. The following are the major type of ground beef recipes from leftover meat:

Ground beef burritos

The burritos are simple meals to prepare, and they are good for easy and quick meals. The meal is served with guacamole and salsa or corn salad and black beans.  The burritos are a versatile meal, and it is possible to mix different ingredients to bring out a satisfying and nourishing meal. You can combine the leftover ground beef, cheese, and fold with flour tortillas in the preparation process.

Mexican dishes

Ground beef is a common ingredient for various Mexican dishes such as nachos, enchiladas, tacos, or zucchini skillet.  You need to reheat the leftover ground beef with onions, spices, and chilies in the preparation process. After the heating process, tuck in the ingredients in the tortillas or taco shells. You can add salsa, cheese, or any other type of toppings to make the dish delicious.

Use in chili

Ground beef complements exceptionally in this dish. You can mix the leftover ground beef into a pot of chili and enjoy the best delicacy with your friends and family. You can also use the mixture as a topping for baked potatoes and nachos to give out that extraordinary taste in those meals. For effective results, you can garnish the meals with cheese or any other ingredients. 

Ground beef pasties

They are numerous methods to prepare ground beef pasties. The best way to prepare the pasties is frying onions in a skillet, stir in potatoes and veggies. Heat your leftover ground beef and add in the mixture and season to your preference. Add the mixture in rolled circular dough then bake for 30 minutes to give the desired crispy meal.

Make soup

Soup is a common dish that works perfectly with the ground beef. The beef gives the soup an extraordinary taste that makes it hard to resist. You can add the meat directly to the soup or substitute it for various stewing cubes in the modern and classic soup.

Make casserole

Ground beef is a common ingredient in the making of delicious casserole. The leftover ground beef makes the preparation process easy as you only need to crumble and heat the meat. The crumbled meat will soak the sauce, making the meal one of a kind.

Bottom Line

They are many meals that you can combine with the delicious leftover ground beef and bring out the best delicacies. In the preparation process, you only need to heat and crumble the meat and mix it with various ingredients. Ground beef is a nutritious meal with innumerable nutrients that have health benefits in your body.


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