BEST PRUMP 2023 WINNER: The All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump from Momcozy

MamaBee gives it Star 5-Stars

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WHY WE NAMED THE MOMCOZY All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump the Best Breast Pump of 2023


1. Painless horizontal angle to pump like a real baby mouth
105°flange slope compresses no milk ducts

2. 3 Modes (stimulate + express + mixed) and 9 levels

3. Comes in 5 sizes (17/19/21/24/27mm)
Vibrate to pump faster
All-in-one design

WHY MAMABEE EXPERTs LIKE THE LOVE the MOMCOZY All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump

Painless to pump like a baby mouth

Time to take a fresh look at wearable breast pumps, because a radical change is going on with our “Baby Mouth” breast pump which has found a precise horizontal pumping angle, the exact angle just like the suckling angle from a baby instead of an upward or downward rough nipple-pulling, which can not only realize painless pumping but also intrigue more letdown. Another new twist is made by our vibrate-to-pump mode which can loosen the ducts at the same time when pumping, so as to promise an absolutely smooth pump-out and downright drain-up every time. Aim higher for a wearable breast pump, just like we have always done!

We LIVE the new horizontal angle

One of a kind, it’s the angle that has never been applied on a breast pump! Rather than rough pulling the nipples upward or downward, this “Baby Mouth” breast pump pumps the nipples at a horizontal angle just like a baby’s suckling, which can not only cut the pain to the least but also intrigue the body to produce more milk. Babies and moms are meant to be for each other naturally, we borrow the magic for this pump!

Vibrate to pump faster

It’s not your fault that you always pump a little or do not drain up the milk every time, you only need a milk-ducts sweeper. With one more mixed mode which can vibrate at the same time to loosen the ducts when pumping, you can get more milk at a faster speed and drain it up every time to prevent mastitis or engorgement. 3 modes & 9 levels for choices, what’s not to like?

Not one duct is compressed

Flange matters much for the amount of milk pumping, hence we adjust and adjust until we finally settle down our flange slope at 105°which is the perfect curve to cup on but not cup in the breasts which compresses no breast ducts for an ultimate smooth milk flow. Along with horizontal angle and vibrate-to-pump mode, our breast pump literally solves the not-enough milk and blocked ducts in three scientific ways.

Cut the motor, cut 1/3 the size

1. Pump the lightest choice, with their all-in-one design which weighs only 230g at 2/3 size of normal pumps!

2. No eye-salute paid, no situation restriction, you can even feel the ease during a job meeting among people. 

3. Of course, it brings no-wire-tangle and no-wall-restriction convenience, only we make the hassle-free experience lighter and lighter, until not being felt.


Moms long for fashion according to our half-year interview with real moms. Never before adopted, 3 new colors are applied in the pumps according to the moms’ tendency to become a real “mom pride emblem” to show out in fashion.

Momcozy M5 Wearable Breast Pump Storage Bag – fashionable and cozy

As the number one customer-listening wearable breast pump, we also design a hard-shell storage bag to not only look neat but also keep the pumps from bumping or scratching. Be fashionable, be cozy, start from today!