Best Products That Make Being Healthy Fun

Summer is here! That means warm weather, beach trips, and poolside lounging, but it’s also the time of soaring temperatures that can make it easy to get dehydrated.

Staying hydrated is critical during rising temperatures — whether you’re participating in sports, traveling, or simply relaxing in the sun with friends, making sure you get the hydration you need can be a tough job. Still, with some creativity and a little fun, you can be confident you are getting the fluids you need to keep enjoying the beautiful weather.

Hydration is essential for your overall health.

Maintaining hydration in the body allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently via the blood arteries to the muscles. Furthermore, it facilitates the proper functioning of the muscles.

When left untreated, dehydration can cause various issues ranging from swollen feet and headaches to potentially life-threatening diseases such as heat stroke and hypothermia.

Hydration and Disease

A person who perspires extensively will require more fluids than a person who does not sweat heavily. Certain medical diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease, may also need to consume more liquids than average.

People with cystic fibrosis have high salt contents in their sweat, and they must exercise caution to avoid dehydration, which can be fatal. Furthermore, certain medicines have the potential to function as diuretics, leading the body to lose even more fluid.

A Little Hydration a Day Keeps the Doctor at Bay

Drinking adequate water each day is essential for a variety of reasons, including the regulation of body temperature, the normal functioning of organs, the prevention of infections, the maintenance of joint lubrication, and the delivery of nutrients to cells. Being adequately hydrated also positively impacts sleep quality, your daily mood, anxiety and helps keep a clear head.

According to the experts, the average man should drink 16 cups while the average female should drink around even cups of water each day. 

Not all of those cups have to be filled with plain water. For example, some can be made of water flavored with fruit, vegetables, and even nuts. You can even get your hydration in a cup of tea. 

Hydration can actually be fun. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ways to enjoy all the health benefits of hydration while enjoying some good old-fashioned summertime fun.

Add a little Sparkle in Your Cup

Sparkling wine is the must-try drink for summer 2021. There is nothing more refreshing than a deliciously bubbly wine in a convenient can that you can pop open by the beach. With traditional wine flavors like rose, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir in a convenient and carbonated can, you and your friends can celebrate in style and with ease with Bev sparkling wine.

Frozen Drinks Save the Day

Use a Vitamix to create the ultimate healthy frozen beverages this summer. 

A personal favorite of ours is margaritas. Add the juice of four limes to your Vitamix along with four shots of silver tequila, add a natural sweetener. Less is more in this arena, and we like to use all-natural stevia for a clean sweetness that won’t spike your blood sugar. 

Next, add your ice cubes. We like to add four cups for a nice thick icy treat. Then set your Vitamix to blend while you rub the rims of your marg glasses with a lime before dipping in salt. All you need now is four friends to share them with!

Want to skip the tequila? We support this. Swap it out with four ounces of coconut water and an eighth of a teaspoon of liquid smoke, and thank us later.

Frozen Strawberry Cucumber Limeade

A non-traditional summer drink that will have you saying “ahhh” is a blend of fresh strawberries, fresh lime juice, and cucumbers with ice cubes for a drinkable take on a popsicle. The sweetness from the strawberries will balance out the acidity in the lime and compliment the soft melony notes of the cucumber. This drink is refreshingly simple, and because you used your Vitamix, which breaks down the cell walls of the produce, your body can ingest all the nutrients and antioxidants just waiting in that nice cold glass for you.

A Zesty Watermelon Cooler

Who doesn’t love watermelon in the summertime? Watermelon is one of the most quintessential summertime fruits that, of course, we couldn’t leave it off our list today. This recipe is a simple one: remove the meat from two small seedless watermelons and add to your Vitamix. Add half a cup of pineapple juice and two cups of ice. Blend until a nice liquidy icy texture is achieved. Finally, sprinkle with a touch of Tajin for a deliciously tangy topping that pairs perfectly with the fruit.

Make your own Natural Sports Drink

Coconut water is incredibly hydrating and is often used to rehydrate after engaging in strenuous physical exercise or when recovering from an uncomfortable stomach situation that can have us visiting the porcelain thrown several times a day. Coconut water contains natural electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and manganese. However, the quantities vary depending on how old the coconut is and how much of the water is extracted from the coconut. Look for coconut waters with no added sugar or ingredients. 

To make your hydrating and tasty drink, blend fifty percent cranberry juice or sour cherry juice with coconut water and a touch of salt in a cocktail shaker with a bit of ice and shake it till it chills. Stain off the ice and serve cold.

Turn Lemons into Lemonade Seltzer

Lemons are a great fruit to keep on hand for cooking and for refreshing beverages all summer long. You can make a great lemon seltzer by squeezing the juice of one lemon and adding the sweetener of your choice. We like to use natural stevia in a shaker with two ounces of water. 

Shake until the sweetener is dissolved and then pour into a glass. Add plenty of ice cubes and cover with soda water. For a homemade hard seltzer, you can add half a pour of vodka to the mix or simply leave it virgin.

Blood Orange Moscal Mule

Moscow Mules are the perfect refreshing summer drink the spice of ginger and a touch of lime bring vodka to life. With this recipe, you can also leave the vodka behind and instead enjoy the fun and freshness of this deep, sweet citrus flavor and all the antioxidants and vitamin C power. 

Mix one ounce of blood orange juice with a squeeze of lemon and top with a sugar-free ginger beer for all the zest without that overpowering sweetness.

Stay Cool, Calm, and Hydrated

No matter your summertime plans, hydration should be at the top of your list. Now that you know all the ways you can enjoy staying hydrated, you’ll be whipping up or cracking open one of these delightful and delicious beverages every time the sun comes up.

When it comes to staying hydrated, a routine is vital. If you are feeling thirsty, then chances are you are already dehydrated. Leave dehydration in the rearview mirror by prioritizing hydration through easy, fun, and exciting drinks that your friends and family can enjoy alongside you.