Best Places in Atlanta to Visit with Kids

When we mention Atlanta, the first thing that comes to the mind is a boring railroad down with nothing much to do. However, Atlanta, at present, is a bustling metropolitan city with easy access to everything. The credit, of course, goes to the busiest airport in the world. 

The best part is Atlanta also has a lot of surprises for the young crowd. 

Atlanta is indeed not as famous as Disneyland, but that does not make it lag when it comes to options. You can take your children to a variety of historical sites, cultural locations, and beautiful parks. You can rest assured because your children are going to love every bit of the city.

If your kids love outdoors, take them for biking or hiking. They will enjoy the rich, Southern culture of Atlanta too. Do you want the best part about Atlanta? They have nothing like a bad season that is not suitable for kids to go out and have fun. Many families are actually moving to Atlanta and if you’re considering this option as well, you should speak with top-rated moving companies in Georgia on setting up your move.

In this article, we have come up with some of the best and fun places to go with family, and especially your kids. Take a look so that you do not miss any of it on your next visit to Atlanta. 

Kids attractions in Atlanta

The following are some of the less touristy spots in Atlanta where you can take your kids and family for some pure fun. 

1. Centennial Olympic Park

The Centennial Olympic Park was established in 1996 for the international Olympic games that were held in Atlanta that year. It covers an area of 21-acres and is a fantastic place in downtown Atlanta. The park is always buzzing with fun, music, and festivities throughout the year. 

The ‘fountain of rings’ is the major attraction for kids, especially during summer. It is a collection of fountains arranged to form a ring. The freshwater will provoke anyone to splash and have fun there. So, you can plan a fun picnic day at the Centennial Park anytime you visit the city. 

2. Six Flags Over Georgia

Built-in 1967, this park has remained a favorite kids’ attraction for some thrilling fun and adventure. The Six Flags Over Georgia park is an ideal place where you can take your children if they love to enjoy chilling and exciting experiences. 

Moreover, the roller coasters in this park are famous all-around America. There are even more than ten roller coasters, such as the twisted cyclone and the classic Great American Scream Machine. Besides, not just children, the whole family can participate in this heart-throbbing, fun experience. 

After you finish experiencing all the rides, it is time you cool down a little bit. So, check out some of the shows in the park or take a round of the waterpark here. 

3. Atlanta Botanical Garden

If you want some fresh air and it is a bright summer evening, head to the Atlanta Botanical garden with your family. There is an array of fun activities for kids in this park. 

For example, they can play in this 2-acre property or dig dinosaurs. They can also take a walk around the beautiful waterfall or experience how a treehouse looks. There is also a topiary version of the famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’. 

It is in the section of Imaginary Worlds in the park. Other than these, there are a few more fun exhibits that you can enjoy looking at here. 

4. The Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta Beltline is a fantastic place that covers a 22-mile railway area. It is transformed into parks, urban greenways, public arts, and paths. It is still under the process of completion, although children are already welcomed here.

 They can have fun at the skatepark towards the eastern section of the Beltline. There is another amazing, Fourth Ward Park here that includes a splash pad area. 

The northern and the western side of the place is usually less crowded. Children can bike around or even go hiking up the trails around the greenways. 

5. Southeastern Railway Museum

If your child is an upcoming engineer or is an automobile addict, they are going to love the Southeastern Railway Museum in Atlanta. The museum spreads over a large area of 35-acres. 

The fun activities you can indulge in here include rail car tours, restored caboose ride. Also, you may check out the fantastic collection of cabs and taxis here. 

6. Puppetry Arts Center

The Atlanta Puppet Museum or the Puppetry Arts Center contains 200 different types of puppets that make a collection from all around the globe. They also feature performances such as Old Mac Donald’s Farm or the Beauty and the Beast.

 If you take a pass only for the museum, you will be permitted to tour the incredible Jim Henson puppets sections. However, we recommend you to let your children enjoy the plays too. 

Final thoughts

Children are often deprived of individual attention when the whole family goes out on vacation. So, this is a scope that you give special attention to the junior members of the family and take them to these fun places. 

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