Best Herbal Remedies to Improve Your Health

How Do You Know What to Take?

For years now, most westerners have heard of the benefits of herbal remedies, but how do we know which herbs we need? Walk onto any vitamin aisle, and there will be hundreds of bottles of herbal extracts, for any myriad number of ailments.

In many cultures, you could simply go to a healer who would formulate a mixture of herbs specifically for your symptoms. Since most of us don’t have access to an herbalist, we need to learn some basics on which herbal remedies to choose.

Herbs have been used to treat everything from low blood pressure to insomnia to fatigue. An herb that is helpful to sleeplessness is likely to not be terribly helpful for you if you feel tired all the time. This means that it is important to have some degree of understanding of the herbs you consider taking, or you could have unintended consequences.

There are resources available, including large guides listing every medicinal herb known, and what conditions each of them treats.

A logical place to start would be to figure out what elements of your overall health you would like to see improved. Perhaps you need greater mental focus, or more energy, or improved gut health.

Combinations are Generally Seen as More Beneficial.

As a general rule, using herbs to improve specific aspects of your well being is considered even more helpful if you take the right combination of herbal remedies. While one herb may improve your feeling of health, many herbalists believe there is a stacking effect from taking herbs that help with similar symptoms.

For example, taking an herb for memory and another that is sought out for mental focus may lead to more of both than taking either one solo would do.

Figuring out which combinations to take can seem daunting when you are new to herbal medicine, but it may be helpful to start with a single herb and add additional herbs after a period of time to see if there is a benefit to taking more than one.

Good Health Starts in the Gut.

A symptom of the modern lifestyle seems to be always feeling generally run down, tired, and stressed. Our diet can often take a hit due to the hectic pace of our daily lives, causing us to eat foods that may not have ideal nutrition (Yes, late-night taco truck, you are guilty).

Eating these foods can cause our gut biome (the microbe mix that lives in your digestive system) to get out of balance. Supplementation that helps bring this back into balance can help with your overall feeling of well being. It is hard to feel strong and energized while also feeling bloated and gassy. Many herbal supplements can help with this.

Eliminate Toxins from Your Body.

Just like a car with dirt in the gas tank is not going to run, regardless of what quality fuel you put in, your body can not effectively absorb the benefits of any herbal remedies you may be taking if your system is gunked up with toxins.

Starting with a good herbal detox can benefit you by giving you a clean slate that allows your herbal remedy to be effective.

Find a Quality Blend.

The modern lifestyle is extremely hectic. Learning enough about herbal remedies to figure out which combination will be most helpful for you can be overwhelming. The best course for many people is to find a professionally blended formulation.

This gives peace of mind that the ratios of each herb will be at their most effective, as well as often having the added convenience of fewer capsules to take—one blend instead of two or more single herb formulations. This bit of streamlining can be huge for folks in our hectic world.

Having so many choices of herbal remedies can be overwhelming, but with a little bit of study, some careful shopping, and seeking out well-formulated blends, you can be well on your way to better health.

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