Best beach ready hairstyles

Beach–time is a fun time and that means you are all in for getting soaked and tanned. While making preparations for the truckload of fun that awaits at the beach, the last thing you want as a lady is your hair getting in the way of all the fun activities you have planned out. Virtually everyone with long hair has found herself deep and lost in thoughts about what to do with their tresses and keep them prim and proper while on the go.

If you are always missing out on all the beach excitements because of your hair, not to worry. We have got you covered — we will share the best beach hairstyles you can style without breaking a sweat.

1. Braids

You can never go wrong with braids and they are they never run out of style. Braids are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while allowing you to show off your neck and shoulders in the warm summer sun. If style them properly, side braids will beam your beauty and give you that farm girl and adorable flower child look that always warms the heart of onlookers.

Thankfully, braids can be worn by virtually everyone who is open to looking dazzling while having a fun time on the beach. How do you braid your hair? Well, we thought you will ask, so we have got the answers all set for you.

To style this cute beach hairstyle, you will start by gathering your hair at the nape of your neck; somewhere below the ear. Now, separate or share the hair into three parts/ strands and braid it down in front of your shoulder. Having done that, secure the ends of braids with an elastic band or a beautiful bow. And voila, your braids are all set to hit the beach.

2. Are you thinking buns?

Some people will argue that buns are an obvious hairstyle to rock to the beach. While that is true, the best way to rock it is to intentionally make it messy to spruce things up. Instead of using your brush to draw the hair backward, you can use your hand to pack it before twisting loosely and coiling it against the nape of your neck.

Now, you will have to secure the hair with hairpins or clips to avoid getting in a fight with the wind. If you have shorter hair that won’t go all the way to form a lower bun, you can get creative and add a stylish wide headband.

3. Who wouldn’t like a classic ponytail?

Almost similar to braids, the classic ponytail always comes in handy for keeping your hair out of your face. No wonder, it always comes recommended for beach wedding hairstyles. With the ponytail, you can have it placed way up on your head or at the nape of your neck and still look stylish.

To spot this breathtaking and ageless beach hairstyle, start by getting your hair wet and adding a small amount of gel or mousse. When the hair is all wet and soaked in gel, you can now brush through the entire length of your hair to arrest “fly–aways” and control frizz. If you are satisfied with the look and feel of the hair, you can proceed to use your comb or brush to comb to gather the hair and hold it tightly while wrapping elastic around it.

While you are at it, remember that ponytail beach hairstyles don’t always have to come up perfect. They are often less styled and a bit messy too. “Less styled and messy” is best for making a pony with dry or curly hair. In this instance, all you have to do is pack the hair with your hands to the height where you want your pony, hold it with one hand and get your elastic around it.

Insider tip: avoid holding your hair with elastics that have metals parts. These types of elastics and older designs that have metal fasteners can damage your hair because they will be constantly tugging at your hair and thereby, causing it to break.

If you are short on time, opt for stylish headscarves!

One of the easiest ways to style your hair and get on the road to the beach is not styling it all. Okay, you may have to read that again to get the drift. How does that work? Since time waits for no man and you are not going sit back and let others have all the fun at the beach, you can quickly pull your back into a pony or bun, secure with an elastic, and cover with a colorful and chic scarf. Thankfully, scarves are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you won’t have any problems deciding how you want to tie them.

An added benefit of using a headscarf for your beach hairstyles is that it protects your hair from the sun which tends to make it dry and leave it damaged. Other gorgeous beach hairstyles you should add to your list include the double Dutch pigtails, Bantu knots, and other braids variants such as long goddess braids and the fishtail braid.


To cap all we have discussed so far, don’t forget to add toppings to the cake by accessorizing your cute beach hairstyles. A short trip to the fashion store will treat you to the wide variety of hair accessories that are available for you. They range from small clips to statement pieces you can tuck behind your ear. Hair accessories are fashionable and they make your hair look put together. In addition to making you look stunning, hair accessories allow you to show off your sense of style and put out a memo that you are up to date with the latest trends. And this always comes in handy when you need to look upscale and elegant be

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