Best Acupressure Mats

This is not just any traditional Acupressure mat but this is a Laudee’s Healthy Mile acupressure mat. You might ask what is the difference? The difference is that Laudee’s designed the acupressure mat to specifically bring back pain relief and allow one to live a healthy and pain free life, Imagine, waking up free from chronic pain and the joints, muscles, discs, and vertebrates are stretched out and free of pain. There are many proven benefits for using Laudee’s acupressure mat:

  • A 2014 study declared there were 191 million opioid users in the United States which has been declared a national health crisis by the U.S. government. Instead of taking addictive opiods people are turning to using acupressure mats which brings great relief from chronic neck and back pain for these consumers. An acupressure mat is more cost effective than buying opioid prescription drugs on a continual basis.
  • Why would anyone want to consume artificial opiods to secure a drug-induced temporary relief from pain when they can enjoy a natural release from pain using the acupressure mat. The mat has the ability to release endorphins the body’s natural pain inhibitors. They produce a state of euphoria and relieve the body from insomnia and endless nights of lost sleep. Endorphins block pain signals sent to the brain stopping any type of pain that would cripple the body.
  • A mat can lower blood pressure for up to 30 minutes after acupressure mat therapy has been used. The mat will solve high blood pressure issues in the short term but further research must be conducted to prove that an acupressure mat will relieve high blood pressure for the long term.
  • Unlike acupuncture, acupressure is noninvasive because the mat is constructed of points that apply manual pressure to the body when the body presses against the points. It stimulates acupoints relieving pain in targeted areas of the body.
  •  Acupressure mats relieve chronic back and neck pain and a few hours on the acupressure mat and you will forget you ever had any chronic pain.

A big benefit is the acupressure mat will help sleeping issues by relaxing the acupoints which relax the body. The body relaxes then a person will experience a wonderful night of sleep. They will wake up refreshed and energized in the morning. A 2015 study conducted on a group of women experiencing menopause found the women were greatly relieved from discomfort and their sleep improved drastically after using acupressure therapy.

There have been many studies conducted substantiating the many benefits an accupressure mat offers compared to other pain relief options. It is the most natural way one get fast relief from chronic pain. Laudee blog talks about acupressure mat and suggest it is absolutely must you get the best acupressure mat to use to relieve chronic back and neck pain..

Finally, a person suffering from chronic back or neck pain will not find better relief then they will using an acupressure mat. One cannot afford to go another day without purchasing an acupressure mat the only lasting way to relieve chronic pain.

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