Benefits of Using Cornstarch as a Beauty Product

The solution could’ve been around you all the time, but you just didn’t know that it could be useful for other purposes.

Like cornstarch, for example. Who would’ve possibly known that it could be used as a beauty product?

It’s my first time to see this and I felt the need to share it with you. It’s usually used to make soup or sauces thicker. It’s not expensive at all, but it seems it’s full of beauty benefits.

After reading the whole post, you will start using it as a beauty product more.

Take a look at what it has to offer.

The amazing beauty benefits of cornstarch:

Underarm Deodorizer

It will take you a minute to deodorize your underarms. Start with rubbing alcohol to clean your armpits.

When they dry completely, dust cornstarch on your underarms. This will keep them dry and prevent unpleasant odors.

This is the cheapest way of avoiding chemical-laden commercial deodorants  that affect your health.

Whole Body Freshener

Making a body freshener has never been easier. Just combine cornstarch and an essential oil of your choice. Add a few drops of it in a container with cornstarch.

Close it and shake the container. Mix them well. Dust all over your body and you will smell great.

Fine Line Eradicator

Get rid of those fine lines on your face by mixing:

  •      1 egg white
  •      ¼ cup of cornstarch
  •      2 tablespoons of whole milk

Clean your face before you add this mask to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes or until it dries completely. Wash it with medium warm water.

Using this mask on a regular basis will erase the fine lines

Dead Skin Cell Remover

This is a nice solution if you are experiencing allergic reactions to the commercial dead skin removals.

Using cornstarch is completely natural and safe. Clean your face and massage it with cornstarch. Your complexion will become more radiant and your skin won’t get irritated or sore.

Scalp and Hair Cleaner

This is another awesome and natural solution when your hair is stinky and greasy.

Especially if you don’t have much time to wash it.

Sprinkle cornstarch on your scalp and tresses. Massage until those excess oils get absorbed. In the end, tussle it a bit to get the powder off.

Lipstick Matte-fier

If you don’t have a lipstick with matte features, using cornstarch on your regular lipstick will do the trick.

Apply it as usual and by using your fingertip pat cornstarch all over your lips. You should keep patting until the cornstarch is fully absorbed.

Sunburn Healer

If you have a sunburn and your skin starts aching, you can reduce the irritation with this homemade solution.

You just need to blend cornstarch and water. Mix it well until it forms a paste. Apply it on the sunburnt areas and leave it for a few minutes.

Gently rinse it off with lukewarm water.

There you have it. A couple of amazing uses for cornstarch. Feel free to use it and share the results.

Don’t forget to share these amazing benefits and uses of cornstarch. They will love them!

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