Benefits of turning concentrates into vape oil

Conventionally, the only way people used to consume cannabis was by smoking. With time and technological advancements, things changed.

You can consume cannabis through a variety of ways because they come in a variety of forms. Besides that, they offer different benefits to users. One common form is the THC concentrates. By the end of the article, you will be able to know the benefits of turning concentrates into the vape oil.

THC concentrates by definition

Cannabis, as a raw plant, consists of numerous organic compounds. The two main ones are THC and CBD. THC provides the psychoactive properties of the drug, while CBD reduces these effects. Mostly, CBD is useful in the medical field.

THC concentrates contain essential oils and THC properties in plenty. CBD may also be present but in deficient amounts. While this is the case, these concentrates come in two main forms. You could buy it as wax or distillate. 

Wax forms include shatter, crystallize, sugar, BHO, budder, and crumble. All these are suitable options for your vape juice. None should be superior. However, in terms of THC potency, they can differ.

Reasons/ benefits of turning concentrates into vape juice

No matter the concentrate you pick, turn concentrates into vape oil juice should be your priority. Here are the reasons why vapers should do it.

1. It is not difficult to prepare

Though the process of making THC vape juice requires practice, you should not have a problem doing it. It is easy and requires at least 20-30 minutes to get everything going. With simple tools, you can hack the process and have the vape juice you want.

2. You can mix it with terpene or liquidizers

Both solutions are suitable for thinning, giving your vape juice taste and scent, and thickening it. You cannot get these benefits if you dab or smoke it.

A tip, on the other hand, is to ensure that you add the appropriate amounts when turning the wax into vape juice. Most terpene and liquidizer retailers will state that on the labels.

Compared to dabbing, vaping gives you the freedom to explore these solutions. You may not do this if you opt for dabbing.

3. Vape juice does not expire

THC concentrate needs a lot of attention, especially when storing it. Wrong storage options can be threatening to it. Your best option is to turn it into vape juice and store it in your vape pen or dark-silicone bottles that will keep light from tampering with it.

5. It is easy to dose

One issue you will encounter with dubbing is that you will never be able to dose. Once you expose the wax to heat or light, then you will have to consume it immediately. When vaping, you can dose since the THC oil can stay for long. You will know how many puffs you will need for the right impact to reach your brain.

6. It is safe

Safety is the main reason you should try vaping it. When budding, you will be inhaling raw smoke. Since you will add terpenes and liquidizers to the vape juice, then you will not be consuming toxic smoke. Most of these solutions provide a fruity taste to your vape juice; hence, you will not experience a throat hit from the vapor you inhale.

7. Vape pens use less energy to vape

In the market, you will find vape pens that you can use for burning wax. Nonetheless, users say that these use much of the charge to liquefy the wax and turn it into a vapor. The process leads to more consumption of energy than when you would be using THC vape juice.

Since it is already in liquid form, then it will be easy for the vape pen to do its work. Always ensure that you buy the right vape pen.

Final remarks

Compared to other consumption methods, THC concentrates will always take the day. If you prepare it right, you will experience a high potency than when you dab it. You can also improve the THC vape juice using terpenes. Make sure that the terpene you buy does not subdue the original cannabis taste. It should bring balance instead.

Proper storage practices can also help in ensuring that THC potency does not decrease. Once you buy the wax or concentrate, ensure that you store it away from light and oxygen.

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