Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Given the rise of housekeeping shows and the growing popularity of how-to articles on the web, household chores are becoming easier to complete on your own. However, there are still a number of valid benefits that you can get from using professional services, especially for complex tasks such as carpet cleaning. 

Carpet cleaners have technical knowledge

Carpet cleaning typically requires special techniques, and one of the most common is hot water extraction. This is done by pouring hot water mixed with detergent or other cleaning agents on the stained area. A few moments later, the hot water solution is sucked back using a special machine. If the dirt is soft enough, it will be sucked back together with the water, leaving the carpet clean and dry.

On the surface, this process sounds like one that you can do at home, and there are hot water extraction machines that are designed for in-home use. However, there are a few nuances here. For one, different carpet materials may respond to different cleaning chemicals, which is why the choice of cleaning agent is crucial. Another concern is the length of time needed to soak the carpet in the hot water solution before extraction. 

You’d need to do your research to know all these details, but professional cleaners like those from Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin already know how to deal with these issues through their training and hands-on experience on the field. 

Expert cleaners can eliminate the traffic-lane effect

Parts of the carpet that you and your housemates often walk on might look dirtier and more rugged than other areas. This is called the “traffic-lane effect,” and it is truly unsightly. Professionals know just how to deal with this, and they will leave your carpet looking brand new.

Pros get rid of odor-causing microbes

In-home carpet cleaning machines are good, but only for light stains. Oftentimes, they do not  have enough sucking power to get rid of deeper stains and remove as much water as the truck-mounted machines used by pros. This results in prolonged dampness that makes the carpet a great breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other odor-causing microorganisms.

In addition to having more efficient machines, professionals are also able to use disinfectants that are safe for the environment, pets, and children. These cleaning solutions are also proven not to cause any discoloration to your carpet.

Professional cleaning will keep your warranty intact

Most carpet manufacturers will have warranties on their products in order to ensure customer satisfaction. However, they’ll also require you to have your carpet professionally cleaned in order for this warranty to be valid. Most manufacturers will recommend you have your carpet cleaned once every 12 to 18 months..

There’s nothing wrong with completing household chores on your own, but some tasks require professional attention. Getting your carpet cleaned by a professional will save you time, energy, and stress if there are any issues beyond your capabilities.

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