Before Throwing Away That Old Sweater See 25 Ways You Can Reuse It

You remember that old sweater of yours?

Yeah. That one. Exactly the one you thought it’s old fashioned or it got bigger/smaller over time. You don’t remember where have you put it? – Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

I’m really glad you’ve found it because I have something special I would like you to see.

These old sweaters can feel reborn again. What if I tell you that you can reuse it and wear it as a different clothing piece?

No. I’m not going crazy. I found these amazing tutorials that will transform your old sweater into something beautiful.

And suddenly, you don’t need a new skirt or leg warmers. Just use your old sweater and there you go.

I mean, you’ll need a new sweater after this. But, no worries. You will use it again as soon as it becomes old for you.

Now buckle up. We have work to do.

After seeing this, you would want to go all around your neighbourhood and collect all the old sweaters of your neighbours. Or, you can show them these ideas and start the makeover together.

Either way, here are the ideas I thought were worth sharing with you.

1.Cashmere Swing Skirt


Tutorial via

2. DIY Sweater Pillow


Tutorial via

3. Mug Cozy


Tutorial via

4. Hat From An Old Sweater


Tutorial via

5. Sweater Boot Cuffs

Sweater Boot Cuffs

Tutorial via

6. Cashmere Sweater Scarves

Cashmere Sweater Scarves

Tutorial via

7. Recycled Sweater Bracelets

Recycled Sweater Bracelets

Tutorial via

8. Easy (little) Dog Sweater

Easy (little) Dog Sweater

Tutorial via

9.  Braided Headband


Tutorial via

10. Slipper Boots


Tutorial via

11. Baby Wash Cloth

Baby Wash Cloth

Tutorial via

12. Sweater Into Leg Warmers


Tutorial via

13. Sweater Lamp

Sweater Lamp

Tutorial via

14. No-Sew Sweater Pillow


Tutorial via

15. Upcycled Sweater Baby Booties


Tutorial via

16. Sweater Scarf


Tutorial via

17. Toy Owl


Tutorial via

18. Lined Skirt With Invisible Waistband


Tutorial via

19. Recycled Sweater Gift Bag

recycled cashmere sweater gift bags wm _0638

Tutorial via

20. Refashioned Sweater Tote


Tutorial via

21. Heart Hand Warmers

Heart Hand Warmers

Tutorial via

22. Easy Fingerless Gloves

Easy Fingerless Gloves

Tutorial via

23. Winter Wine Gift Wrap

Winter Wine Gift Wrap

Tutorial via

24. Sweater Covered Pot

Sweater Covered Pot

Tutorial via

 25. Macbook Case


Tutorial via

What do you think about this? – Do you have some idea what we can all do with our old sweaters?

Share this with your friends. They have a couple of old sweaters in their home, as well.

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