Beauty Secrets for All-Over Body Care

Beauty Secrets for All-Over Body Care

The beauty industry is full of little secrets that poke and push you in many exciting directions until your head is a whirl of information. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and things that work for one person may not work for another, which might contribute to the staggering numbers of tips and techniques. However, with so many ways to give the skin on your face and body a radiant appearance, the rejuvenation process goes well beyond applying makeup. To unlock the secrets of the beauty industry, set your makeup bag aside and first explore total-body skincare. 

Part One: Myth vs. Fact

To dive into the mysteries of the beauty industry, you may first want to know that some things you learned about beauty are not necessarily true. These three myths, in particular, can impact your ability to elevate or streamline your beauty routine. 

Myth No. 1: There is Only One Way to Microneedle

If you think microneedling treatments are reserved for in-office visits, you need to check out some of the pioneering beauty brands designing at-home microneedling tools. With specific needle lengths and varying widths of the heads, you can try microneedling tools that target everything from the delicate skin around your eyes to the thicker skin on your thighs and stomach. Plus, these at-home treatments are painless, and they only take 60 seconds three times a week.

Myth No. 2: Only Pregnant Women Get Stretch Marks

Stretchmarks are a result of your body’s natural response to rapid changes. The development of stretchmarks has to do with both hormone production and fluctuations in size. When your body focuses on one thing, like balancing stress levels during big life events like puberty and pregnancy or nutritional deficiencies, it puts a pause on or slows down other processes like collagen and elastin production. Despite our best efforts, hormones do fluctuate, and the body does change—and that’s okay.

Myth No. 3: Younger Women Always Have Smoother-Looking Skin

While young women and men may produce more collagen and elastin to support a lively appearance, it doesn’t mean young people’s skin always looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No one is immune to the effects of sun and stress, among other things. Additionally, skin starts becoming drier as antioxidant production slows down in your 20s. At that point, a person may begin to take notice of fine lines and wrinkles. However, women and men of any age can support their skin with effective, clinical-grade skincare products and a consistent routine. 

Part Two: Products vs. Tools

The word beauty is often associated with what’s inside a makeup bag. While that is one part of promoting your appearance, skincare products and tools will target your skin in different ways that can have a more significant impact in the long run.

Skincare Products

Your introduction to skincare was probably when your parents slathered lotion or sunscreen onto your skin, which remains a crucial part of skincare. Topical products are an essential part of a well-balanced beauty routine. You should continue to use reliable AM and PM facial moisturizers, body lotion or oil, eye cream and other clinical-grade skincare products throughout your life. 

Beauty Tools

Beauty tools may be a bit less common unless they’re something like tweezers, grooming scissors or razors. Yet, the beauty industry is full of effective tools. For example, if you use a body-exclusive derma roller stretch marks may appear to fade from the thigh, tummy, buttocks and other areas. When you use a beauty spatula applicator, you can maintain the integrity of beauty products. A facial mister will help to keep your skin moist. And a rose quartz roller may promote lymphatic drainage and help rejuvenate your complexion. These tools open the door to a whole new area of beauty. 

A Match Made in Beauty Heaven

When it comes to skincare techniques, you can combine products like lotions and tools such as a stretch mark derma roller to work beauty magic. At-home microneedling tools, facial rollers and even beauty spatulas can augment, improve and support the products you use every day to enhance the appearance of your skin. The trick to making products and tools work together is to follow each tool’s directions—don’t just try to wing it. 

Part Three: Efficacy vs. Efficiency

Don’t fill your countertop with products that don’t work. While the efficacy of products may be relative depending on the state of your skin, there are some large-scale, eye-opening realities about effectiveness and efficiency you need to know. 

Powerful Ingredients

Ingredients matter. If you can help it, don’t compromise on the ingredients of your skincare products—they affect the efficacy. You may know that different ingredients support different skin concerns, and the all-over skincare standouts contain nutrients your skin craves, including non-comedogenic oils, essential fatty acids and vitamin A (AKA retinol). 

It’s crucial to research the company formulating your skincare products because you’re basically putting your beauty routine in their hands. Look for companies that don’t compromise on quality and demonstrate an understanding of active ingredients that work to enhance the appearance of your skin. 

A Curated Routine

You’ve spent so much time and effort finding products that you love, so create a curated routine with beauty products and tools that’s easy to follow. Try not to turn it into a whole spa experience every night because it may not always be possible to take an hour for skincare. Set time aside for those longer beauty regimens every so often (maybe self-care Sunday), but have a streamlined version with tools that don’t take up much time to ensure you stick to your routine. 

Optimizing Results

Don’t try to get by using products with sub-par ingredients every day or attempt to squeeze in a curated routine with high-quality ingredients just once a week. Find products with potent, active ingredients and include them in your everyday beauty routines to maximize their results. This approach could mean following your at-home derma roller stretch marks treatment with a body oil three times a week and continuing to use the body oil every day. Or, you could use facial tools before applying serums and retinol creams to help your skin absorb products more efficiently on a day-to-day basis. What’s the catch? You have to be consistent. 

Unlocking all of the secrets of the beauty industry takes time and trial and error before you find the products, tools and routines that work for you. These are some things that you can take away from this glimpse at beauty secrets for all-over body care:

  • With a derma roller stretch marks may gradually fade
  • You need to nourish your skin with powerful ingredients
  • Use skincare products and tools together to increase their effects

While there’s still plenty to learn about taking care of your skin, you’re one step closer to fine-tuning your beauty routine for best results.

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