Beautiful Backyard Designs Your Home Needs

If you’re trying to brainstorm some beautiful backyard designs for this year, you’re in luck, there’s a ton of unique and creative ideas to add to your project list! From inexpensive setups to a little more complex campaigns, the opportunities are infinite.  

Winding Paths

Nothing testifies quite to untamed territory like having some curving and winding paths throughout the yard. This is a great idea if you’re looking to add a bit of your own aesthetic to the lawn. You can choose stone types, colors, as well as the formation and create a geometric pattern that is pleasing to the eye. Use your creativity and have a little fun! This might cause a minor annoyance when it comes time to do some mowing, so make sure you plan everything out strategically.

Fairy Gardens

If you’re more into a quaint, and adorable appeal in the garden, choosing a fairy style is perfect for you. With some professional expertise it’s possible to create beautiful fairy gardens with the right mindset. From fairy cottages to fairy water features, there’s really no end to creating a mystical landscape. This is an awesome venture to get invested in if you have young kids who are imaginative, or you’re just looking for a cute appeal on your own. 

Untamed Beauty

It’s no secret that local populations of wildlife seriously get hurt from the incursion of the urban environment. Bees, especially are taking a big hit from modernization. If you leave a section of your lawn to grow completely untamed, you’re allowed for natural flowers of the area to grow. Bees, especially love these and you’ll be supporting the environment. It will also attract an array of furry and friendly critters like chipmunks who might pay you a visit more often now. Plants indigenous to the area are going to grow better and require a lot less maintenance. You can even get creative and mix and match groomed flowers with the more untamed beauty of wild plants to create a clashing artistic garden. 

The Garden Gazebo

Having a little shelter gazebo in your garden makes it come off a lot more homey, and I don’t think anyone can disagree. It might be a little more of a costly backyard design, but it can certainly be worth it. Whether you’re investing in the materials to build it yourself, or getting a contractor to make you a gazebo, it gives you a nice place to relax. After all, you work hard in your everyday life, and you deserve to take it easy outside every once in a while. 

Movie Night!

This has to be my favorite backyard design on the list. It doesn’t require much effort to get a movie night set up going on the lawn. Add a few aesthetically placed lawn chairs, and a projection screen and you’re good to go. You do need to invest in a projector, and you probably won’t want to store it outside unless you’re particularly crafty. Projectors won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but they do require between 100-200$. But having a “sit in” movie theatre vibe means you’ll be able to attract some company. Be popular with the neighbors and have some movies nights when the weathers nice! 

Calm, Cool, Canopy 

The problem with outdoor patio umbrellas is that they need constant readjustment when the sun is moving around during the day. That and they can take up a large spot right in the center of some tables (if that’s the design you currently subscribe to). Turn your backyard into a lounge and have a calm, cool, canopy set up. You won’t need to be sitting at a table in order to get out of the sun’s reach, and there’s plenty of room underneath a canopy to reorganize your outdoor setup. 

Vibrant colors 

Change up the entire atmosphere and vibe of your outdoor space and add some vibrant colors to your deck and furniture. Decks finished with hot pink and furnished with bright green chairs might seem like an insane idea, but it makes for an interesting experience. There’s no reason you have to be limited by natural colors when you’re designing the area. Be creative and try some crazy concepts, you just might have a “Eureka!” moment that will impress yourself. 

You can change up your yard with some winding paths, or introduce movie night back into the world (just outdoors). Create some open space with a canopy, or get really crazy by adding some otherworldly color schemes. There’s a ton of beautiful backyard ideas that your home could use to adjust the pace. 

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