Be The Ultimate Hostess With These 20 Lovely Place Setting Details

Friends or family coming to town for your special occasion? Or maybe you are the host of the annual meeting with your closest ones?

Don’t worry. I got your back. I have found something that will bring the best of your table. These amazing tweaks will make the table look like it was detailed by a professional.

Shhhhhh. Don’t tell them it was you who did this. Let them wander a little bit.

I always wondered how small things could make something look so awesome. Please try these things the next time you want to decorate the table and you’ll see for what I was talking about.

Just imagine if you have a wedding coming. Use these amazing tweaks for decorating the tables for the guests.

OMG. I love this. Promise me that you will call me to assist you with decorating the wedding with you? Pretty please?

Let’s start:

1.Three Pocket Napkin Fold


Tutorial via

2. Burlap Lace Utensil Holder


Tutorial via

3. 17 Basic Napkin Folds


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4. Wintry Tablescape With Dyed Doilies

how to dye a doily

Tutorial via

5. Calligraphed Napkin Band

caligrafed napkin band

Tutorial via

6. Marble Paper Napkin Rings

Marble Paper Napkin Rings

Tutorial via

7. Hanging Napkin Place Setting


Tutorial via

8. Party Hat Utensil Holder


Tutorial via

9. Bow Napkins

Bow Napkins

Tutorial via

10. Feather Place Settings

Feather Place Settings

Tutorial via

11. Name Place Ribbons

Name Place Ribbons

Tutorial via

12. Chocolate Place Cards


Tutorial via

13. No-Sew Braided Yarn Napkin Rings

No-Sew Braided Yarn Napkin Rings

Tutorial via

14. Calligraphy Shrink Plastic Tags


Tutorial via

15. Plaid Bow Napkin Rings

Plaid Bow Napkin Rings

Tutorial via

16. Brushstroke Dyed Napkins


Tutorial via

17. Paper Towel Tube Napkin Rings

Paper Towel Tube Napkin Rings

Tutorial via

18. Rustic Place Setting


Tutorial via

19. Copper Flower Place Cards

Copper Flower Place Cards

Tutorial via

20. Watercolor Placemats And Cards


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You are welcome!

Now, share these amazing decorations with your friends. They will love them!

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