Bali Adventure Guide

So you want to go to Bali, Indonesia huh? You’ve seen the Instagram posts and all the influencers waking up in beautiful villas on the beach and decided you need to come.

Luckily for you, I’ve spent the last month living in this beautiful place and am ready to give you a short yet valuable guide to the island.

One of the first things you need to know is that Bali is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the major Sunda Islands.

It’s two most well-known cities are Ubud and Canggu. While there’s plenty of other gorgeous cities, these are the ones we’ll cover in this guide.


When most people think of Ubud, their first thoughts are rice terraces, yoga, and mediation. And to be honest as someone who was just there, this isn’t necessarily wrong…

However, there’s also a whole lot more in Ubud. There are delicious restaurants and cafes with amazing coffee and drinks. The city seems to be catered towards all you vegans out there, so it’s a bit difficult to find a nice burger or piece of meat.

If you’re a “digital nomad” and want to get some work done while in Ubud, I highly suggest checking out Hubud. It’s a coworking space with high-speed wifi, delicious food, and strong coffee.

The monkey forest in Ubud is also a must. For just a few bucks, you get to walk around in a sacred monkey sanctuary with hundreds of monkeys surrounding you. Hold on to your valuables. They will take them.


Next up is Canggu, and is the other popular city in Bali. Canggu is best known for its busy streets full of scooters, it’s great surfing and nightlife. What’s so interesting is that even though these places are geographically close together, they can be so different.

An important part of living in Canggu is picking the right place to live. The villa I stayed at with a friend was extremely cozy and featured twin beds, clean kitchen, and high quality bathroom.

If you’d like to do some scuba diving, then I’d highly suggest heading towards Tulamben or the Gili islands.

I went to a dive shop that was recommended to me and took some courses on Nitrox, Deep diving, and night diving. Getting a proper dive computer was the highest quality of live additions I made to my diving experience.

If you are into the nightlife scene, you have to check out Old Mans and The Lawn. They are some of the most popular bars/clubs in Canggu. The drinks are relatively cheap, and the music is great.


Bali is a great place to go to for any adventure seeking families or first-time digital nomads. The locals and other travelers you’ll meet are extremely accepting and friendly, making it a great experience.

For both places, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Your options are hotels, hostels, homestays, and AirBnBs. For longer periods of time, I recommend AirBnBs. Shorter term, hostels, and hotels work great.

The cost of living in Bali is extremely low especially for those that are coming from other countries and/or are working remotely. I ended up staying here for a month, and will likely be back in the future.

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