Baby Photography Scrapbooks & The Importance of Keepsakes

The first few years of a child’s life is a complete whirlwind for the parents. With all the long, sleepless nights that accompany taking care of a newborn, you’re led to believe that this period in your journey as parents will go on forever or at the very least for far too long, but the reality is that it can pass you by quite quickly if you’re not careful!

That’s why it’s worthwhile taking a moment to snap a photo or two, and save the little things like booties, rattles, and toys, so that even if time passes you by, you can still allow yourself to look back with total clarity and maintain your sense of connection with those days. 

Here are a few other ways that photo albums, scrapbooks, and other keepsakes can be a source of enrichment for your family.

Capturing The Little Details

There’s a certain quality that newborns and toddlers have that’s hard to put into words, which means that as soon as your child grows up, the particulars of those days are likely to be forgotten. For this reason, it’s worth enlisting the help of a newborn photographer so that you can get as many high-quality shots of those precious few weeks and those heartwarming smiles before your little one starts to grow bigger and bigger. 

Be sure to find yourself a photographer that specialises in newborn photography to ensure that your photoshoots will be curated by an expert eye! Alongside this, finding a newborn photographer that your little one feels happy and comfortable with will ensure that you have a dedicated professional involved with the curation of all future albums and scrapbooks that will contain your baby’s earlier memories. Having a newborn scrapbook is one thing, but imagine being able to have albums and scrapbooks that capture all the best moments, like baby’s first steps, words, holidays, and any other adventure that may come your way.

Creating Family Heirlooms And Treasures

If you’ve ever gone rifling through your grandparents’ home, you’ll most likely have come across some long lost treasures, like old books and diaries, movie tickets, jewelry, coins from all over the world, long-forgotten articles of clothing, and other small keepsakes from throughout the ages. Depending on their rarity, some of these little family heirlooms can have monetary value, but more often than not, they will all possess some level of sentimental value. Either way, when passed down, these little keepsakes can help preserve your family’s history and can be a valuable method of ensuring that your descendants will always have a solid understanding of their roots. 

Paying Homage To The Passage Of Time

It’s important to note that creating scrapbooks and albums isn’t just about preserving fleeting moments, but it’s really also about appreciating the fact that those moments are naturally fleeting. It’s exactly the ‘blink and you miss it’ feel of early parenting that makes that portion of your experience as a young and budding family all the more special and exciting. The passing of time isn’t just a cause for mourning, but it’s also a genuine cause for celebration and reflection. Enjoy the photo journey that is presented through your scrapbooks and albums, but also be sure to bear witness to your child’s immense journey through the stages of development. Be present for every milestone, and be proud to watch that young person come into their own! After all, their successes are your successes too!


Finally, be sure to keep in mind that although your baby’s earlier moments will be memories all too soon, you still have a lifetime with the person that that baby will grow into. That person will have their own memories, and may have their own affiliations with any photographs and keepsakes you choose to hold onto. In this sense, family heirlooms can actually help a story grow by offering multiple perspectives. Take your time when sifting through them, as the memory of sharing is in itself, something worth preserving too!

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