Baby Nursery Checklist: 7 Essential Things to Never Forget

Did you know that around 380,000 babies are born worldwide every single day?

If you’re expecting a newborn, you’re definitely not alone! But, even with so many other mums out there sharing their knowledge, it can still feel overwhelming at times.

If you’re putting together a to-do list to make sure everything’s organized for your baby’s arrival, a great place to start is with their nursery. Your little one will need a lovely, safe place to stay when they arrive, and by sorting out your nursery you’ll be getting a lot of the baby essentials covered!

To help you get started, here’s our complete baby nursery checklist with all of the essentials.

1. A Baby Monitor

If you’re wondering should I buy a baby monitor? the answer is a definite yes! Even if you have a small house, it’s a nightmare to go running into your baby’s nursery every time there’s the slightest noise. You’re a new parent so you’re going to worry, but a baby monitor can help you carry on with your chores at the same time.

It can also be great for safety. Even if your baby hasn’t made a noise, you can check on them as you cook dinner or take a shower, making sure that they’re fine even when you’re out of the room.

2. A Crib and Mattress

When it comes to baby essentials, a place for your newborn to sleep should be high up on your list! Cribs and mattresses are often sold separately, just like regular beds. We’d recommend finding a crib first and then sorting out a mattress to fit.

Try and find one that will be suitable to use as your little one grows, rather than one just for newborns. Your mattress should fit snuggly in your crib with no gaps around the edges. If you want an easy solution for any nighttime accidents, a waterproof cover is a great idea!

3. Blankets or Duvets?

For your newborn baby essentials checklist, you’ll only need blankets. These can be safely layered up to keep your little one nice and warm during the colder months. Find one made of hypoallergenic material that’s suitable for sensitive baby skin.

As for duvets, these are only suitable for older children. Your baby shouldn’t have a duvet in their crib until they’re at least 12 months old to prevent suffocation or overheating. If you’re not happy with blankets, opt for a baby sleeping bag instead for a comfy, safe solution for your baby.

4. Changing Table or Mat

If you’re looking for baby registry essentials, don’t forget a changing table or mat! Both are great for changing your newborn easily and comfortably. A lot of new parents opt for both a table and mat so that they have more freedom to change their baby wherever they need to.

If you opt for a changing table, ones with storage are super handy! They’ll usually have an easy to reach spot for your diapers and cleaning supplies, making changing your newborn a breeze. There’s nothing worse than being mid-way through a change and realizing there are no more diapers in the room!

5. Feeding Chair

In the first year of their life, you will be feeding your baby non-stop – or that’s what it will feel like, anyway! It’s a time-consuming job but one that’s very rewarding. In fact, when it isn’t 3 am, you’ll probably treasure these peaceful, intimate moments of bonding with your baby.

One of the best ways to make feeding more comfortable is to invest in a feeding chair, so don’t forget to add one to your baby essentials list! The main feature of a feeding chair is that it’s super comfortable and supportive, helping you relax whilst you nurture your baby. You can either use a regular chair or one that’s specifically designed for these moments; it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re comfy.

6. A Lot of Storage

For someone so tiny, your newborn is going to need a whole lot of storage!

You’ll need somewhere to store all of your baby’s little outfits, like a set of drawers. You’ll also need an area to store their changing things – such as diapers and wipes – if your changing mat doesn’t hold enough. You’ll probably also have plenty of little toys, books, and blankets ready for your newborn’s arrival, and these will all need somewhere to go.

7. A Mobile

A mobile isn’t quite as essential as some of the other items on this list but for a lot of parents it’s just as important!

Mobiles are the hanging items that you fit above your baby’s crib, often with quite sheep or stars, and they’re designed to help your baby fall asleep and entertain them when they wake. They’re incredibly useful and have long-since been a staple of a baby’s nursery.

It also helps that mobiles are incredibly adorable. You can find them in a whole range of styles to suit your baby’s nursery, and once they’ve grown out of their nursery years you can treasure it as a keepsake. You can even buy mobiles that play soothing music for your newborn, which could be just what you need to get them down for the night.

Start Ticking Off Your Baby Nursery Checklist

Writing up your baby nursery checklist is just the start of the fun; now it’s time to get shopping and decorating! Creating your newborn’s first-ever bedroom is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for their arrival, so make sure you enjoy every minute.

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