22 Fun Ideas For Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday Photo Shoot

7. Is It All For Me?

a hungry baby cute

Babies are so cute when they are surprised.

Now, this can be a tricky challenge.

You need a really good photographer who will be able to catch just the right “surprise” moment.

Bear in mind, your baby might not react like this.

8. Darling Birthday Board

birthday board

Birthday boards are becoming more and more popular by the minute.

Every birthday is special when you are growing up, but the first birthday is something that stays with you.

So make the birthday of your baby girl special with a unique birthday celebration board.

9. Going On One

going on one

Sometimes, the most creative idea is the simplest one.

You do not need lots of balloons, gifts, flowers, candles, cakes, or anything else.

There is beauty in being minimalistic.

And this baby girl definitely pulls it off.

10. Party In The Crib


The crib is the home your baby knows.

It is the home where she feels most comfortable.

And when your baby is comfortable, magic happens.

Any photographer will tell you that a baby that is under stress, will not look good on pictures.

So, if you want a special photoshoot, making your baby feel comfortable is priority number one.

11. Sweet Minnie  Mouse Theme

Pink Rock

You can never go wrong with Minnie Mouse.

The Disney character is a favorite among kids and adults.

Your baby might not yet know about Minnie Mouse, but she will remember it years later.

12. The World Traveler

world traveler

For those who love to travel and see the world, this idea is perfect.

Make sure to implant the idea of traveling the world to your baby early on, and she will follow.

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