Babies Should Wake up at Night, Study Reveals

A recent study has shown that it is healthy for babies to wake up at night. This may sound a bit cliché, but when you find out the reasons why it is essential, it will start coming together. A research carried out in the United Kingdom is about to put a lot of parents and guardians in a confused state, and challenge everything they know about parenthood.

Everything you knew about the way your child sleep is now subject to change as the research has revealed that babies waking up at night is healthy for them. When the night comes, and babies go to bed, mothers are usually the happiest because now, they get to rest and probably sleep off the stress they have been through the whole day. However, this new research that just came up is about to break so many hearts in the world, but finding out its importance will help mother’s take solace in that. 

All About the Research

The new research which was carried out in Athens Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences at Swansea University. The study was able to reveal that when babies sleep through the night, it is not a natural occurrence. Also, the belief that when you feed a baby well before he or she goes to bed will help the baby feel tired and sleep has been proven wrong by this research. The research carried out mentioned that breast milk or formula does not affect the way babies sleep.

The research worked on 715 mothers with children from 6-12 months. It also studied critically, the sleeping and eating pattern of these children. It was found out that 78% of babies wake up regularly at least once in the night, and 61% had at least one bottle of milk during the night. To wrap the research up, it was declared by specialists that when a baby wakes up in the night, it is perfectly normal, and no amount of food given to the child has an effect on how he or she sleeps.

Another interesting finding from this research that parents who feed their children more during the day time, hoping for them to sleep longer at night, does not work. However, doing this may bring harm to the child.

Importance of this Research

Parents are now Well Informed

Sometimes, some mother’s practice things with their children that they see their friends doing. While this looks like it may be working, it may only be causing the baby more harm than good. Therefore, this research has helped to enlighten mothers on how important it is for babies to wake up at night.

Benefits the Children

Children are a source of joy to parents, and when something goes wrong with them, the whole household becomes very sad. This research has helped to prevent the bad things that could happen to children by showing and telling mothers what to do with their babies.

Better Planning

Now that parents know that it is perfectly normal for kids to wake up at night, they can now plan towards this time correctly. This can be done by getting enough sleep during the day to prepare for what comes at night.

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