Athletic Mentor and Coach Seth Coffing Discusses How Busy Parents Can Get More Exercise

Between errands, laundry, meals, and endless kids’ activities, parents hardly have a moment to themselves. It can be tough for busy parents to find the time to get enough exercise. However, there is hope, and whatever a person’s schedule is like, it’s possible to find an exercise routine that works for them.

To help you get started on developing an exercise plan that fits you well, coach Seth Coffing shares five ways you can get more exercise every day.

Get the Kids Involved

If your kids can’t be left alone yet and don’t have someone else around to watch them, make them a part of your exercise routine. Exercise doesn’t have to be a full workout; it is anything that involves moving and physical activity.

As all parents know, playing with their kids can be a workout. Take advantage of that and play with your kids for at least a half-hour of the day. Create games, such as racing in the backyard, or if you want to get out of the house and get some fresh air, invest in a jogger stroller. These strollers are specially designed to be easy to run with; that way, parents can enjoy a refreshing jog while their baby naps.

Join a Parent-Child Exercise Group

Most communities offer parent-child exercise groups that provide a great place to exercise and socialize. Head to your local community center, check online groups, or create a group yourself!

Being a part of a group allows your kids to meet others and develop social skills, plus you can get a break by talking to other adults and receiving encouragement. Many parents feel like group meetings hold them accountable and keep them committed to exercising regularly.

Have an Exercise Partner

Whether you and your life partner enjoy exercising together or you have a nearby friend or family member, having someone to spend time with can make exercising more enjoyable.

Although it can be challenging to schedule exercise time for both of you, there are ways to make it work. Try splitting up the time each person watches and entertains the kids, or the two of you can exercise together with the kids.

Exercise Throughout the Day

Most experts say a person needs at least a half-hour of physical activity a day; however, it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Splitting up your exercise routine into manageable chunks throughout the day. Because it’s divided up, many parents find this method is the most undemanding and doable. For example, take five minutes every hour to do crunches or take two 15-minute walks a day.

Make it “Me Time”

As a parent, it can often feel like you do nothing for yourself, but it’s essential to give yourself the gift of health. Ask a friend or family member to come over and watch your little ones and make time for yourself to exercise. You’ll get much-needed “me time”, and your overall health and wellbeing will benefit.

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