Assessing the cost of interior design Singapore remodeling projects – An Overview

Renovation is not a decision that you can take in haste. While you are in Singapore, you will notice that most of the individuals or households opt for revamping due to two reasons, namely,

  • They are owners of a house and want to enhance the quality and value of it
  • It is quite likely that they have been able to lay their hands on a property that is selling at a depreciated price and are looking forward to renovating it for better living and comfort.

With a few months still in 2019, the figures that you will come across are the ones that are prevailing in the current year in Singapore. 

Whatever is the reason, in this write-up, let us take a look at the following-

  1. The average cost of interior designing for 4 room HDB flat
  2. What style do you prefer?
  3. What will be your role in the project?
  4. Funding for the project

So, let us find out more about the topics above.

1. The average cost of interior designing for 4 room HDB flat

It goes without saying that the real estate market in Singapore is quite high with prices in some places that might question your affordability. But does that also mean that you have to shell out a fortune when it comes to hiring the services of an interior design Singapore company?

The answer is a “Yes” and a “No.” That is because the amount you have to spend will depend entirely on the extent of the renovation, the style that you want for your home, and the most important is your budget. So, let us find out the average cost first.

Cost of designing the interiors of 4 room HDB flat in Singapore

In terms of a square meter, a 4 HDB flat is approximately 90. Also, the majority of the residences in Singapore belong to the category of HDB. The average cost of renovating such an apartment will be $50,000 or a little more.  The price will include that of labor you involve, the raw materials that your construction engineer will require for the project.

The figures are in Singapore dollars.

Let us take a look at the vital components that will make up the project of interior design in Singapore.

  • For demolition, it will cost will be $6500
  • Plumbing work will require $850, which is approximately $250 to $450 for every bathroom and kitchen.
  • For electrical work like wiring etc., it will be $4000, which is $55 to $145 per piece
  • Tiling and flooring, it is $12000, may vary depending on the material you are using for tiling and flooring.
  • For appliances, it is $7000, which might include air conditioners and washing machines
  • Paint and carpenter work, it is $26,000 (will depend on the area of wall and type of paint you use)

Remember, the figures that you see above are a rough estimate because it may vary according to your preferences for materials and the number of workers you employ for the project.

2. What style do you prefer?

You have the option to choose from a wide array of styles that the interior design Singapore firms offer to their clients. Few of the prominent styles include

  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Retro
  • Traditional
  • Eclectic
  • Transitional

The cost of each style will differ from one another. It usually ranges between $30,000 to $80,000.

3. What will be your role in the project?

You will come across many homeowners that prefer giving their own inputs as far as interior decoration and designing matters.

As far as bearing expenses, while few homeowners will want to pay for the raw materials themselves and other equipment, few will pay a ballpark figure to the interior decorator firm for buying the same.

Also, others will prefer to entrust the entire interior designing project to the contractor, including the cost, and once the project is complete will pay for the whole expense.

If you have an engineering background or have the expertise in electrical and plumbing fields, you can offer your valuable inputs too. However, make sure that the contractor must not carry on with the work endlessly. Keep track of the progress of work.

Before starting the project, find out the approximate time that the home renovation project will take. You can always keep so-called “buffer time” at your disposal that will make up for any unexpected delays. Delays can be due to bad weather, unavailability of raw materials, cash crunch, and so on.

4. Funding for the project (Renovation loans versus personal loans)

Personal loans or home equity loans are two options that you can opt for funding the home renovation project. However, experts think that using a renovation loan instead of a personal loan is a wiser move. This is because personal loans usually attract a very high rate of interest, and the difference is approximately 6% to 8% higher than the interest rates that a renovation loan attracts.

Budget allocation

Setting up a budget is very important for such projects. It is always seen that whenever you set a budget, it is quite likely that the expense will be overboard at least by a few hundred dollars. Keep provision for the same.

This difference may be due to the increasing costs of raw material or labor. You have to prepare yourself for unexpected expenses that are not within your control.

Hiring the best interior design Singapore company

This is one of the tasks that will decide how your project will turn out to be. Unless the company that you are hiring is reliable and has a good track record, you will not be happy with the work after completion. Also, quality labor is a must because of the changes that they make must last for several years to come.

If you hire a company that does not deliver a quality job, the longevity of the renovation will be short, and it is quite likely that after a couple of years, you might have to put another interior decoration company to work for the same task.

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