Are You Brave Enough To Try Rainbow Hair Carving This Summer?

With summer around the corner, many of us are hitting the gym (or at least thinking about it after eating that third slice of pizza!)

If you’re looking to turn heads this summer, perhaps you might like to consider a brand new hair trend that’s taking social media by storm. 

Rainbow hair carving combines shaving and coloring designs into hair, creating a playful multi-colored buzz cut.

The very detailed and intricate design is the brainchild of Janine Ker, an artist turned hairstylist from Pasadena, California.

In order to create her incredible designs, Ker sketches her ideas first and then uses Joico hair color to get the psychedelic shades.

For those who have long hair or aren’t ready to shave off their tresses, Ker also uses stencils to create eye-catching designs that show up vibrantly on hair.

Could you be brave enough to try rainbow carving this summer?

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