Are polo shirts still in fashion?

Does your wardrobe is full of polo shirts? Do you want to wear your favorite polo tees but couldn’t because you are not sure whether these are still in trend? Well if that’s what keeps you away from wearing your all-time favorite polo tees, then you have landed on the right page!

This article will not only help with your primary question about polo shirts being in the trend. But we would also share some smart tips and tricks that would help you to carry your polo shirt in the best possible way!

Should You Keep Your Polo Shirts?

For more than a decade, polo shirts are known as the symbol of style and class in men. But because of these shirts were made for athletes. Most people think of it as a uniform. And so hence for such reason, some men hesitate to wear polo shirts. well, despite the concerns that this clothing line was created for sports like tennis, horse-back riding, etc; you can still make a style statement just by wearing polo shirts!

Here are some tips that you can use to restyle your polo wardrobe and surprise everyone!

1. Tuck or Untuck:

There is a misconception about the polo shirts that one can’t tuck these shirts. But don’t listen to such things. You can absolutely tuck in your polo shirt if you want. All you have to know the thin line between the occasional or events where you can tuck it inside. Tuck or untuck your polo shirts according to the event or place you are going to attend/visit.

2. USe Core Basic Colors:

Be it bright & bold colors or light & sophisticated ones; polo shirts have them all. But to pull off these shirts at their best is to select the basic core polo colors. The core basic shirt colors of the polo brand are blue, white or black. These three are the colors that would go perfectly for anywhere and anytime. In addition to these colors, there are many other options that you could explore!

3. Pair Up With khaki flat front shorts :

You could pair up the polo shirts with almost anything. Due to their fine fittings and sizes, one of the best ways to casually carry your polo shirt is to pair it up with khaki flat front shorts. To add more grace to you look wear a wristwatch and sneaker and you’re ready to slay. These khaki shorts look best with the latest embroidered polo shirts

4. Combine Cotton Polo with low-rise pants:

Going to meet your friends? Then you might want to take out your cotton polo shirt and pair it up with your low-rise pants. You could either tuck the shirt or untuck it. To complete the look wear canvass shoes.

5. Button-up Your Shirt:

Though you might prefer to let your shirt buttons loose, we recommend you to button up at least one of your shirt buttons. 

6. Use Polo Shirt a Base Under a Coat/Jacket:

Polo shirts look best when worn under a jacket or coat. This look goes perfect for your official meetings or if you are going on a formal family dinner or any such place where you want to look professional, classy yet not so much!

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