Apply Perfume The Right Way: How To Make it Last for a Day

Perfumes these days seem like water. They are not that effective. Don’t you think?

You apply them right before you go out and they fade after an hour. Sometimes I carry it with me just in case this happens.

Many of you will say that we, who have this problem, need to buy more expensive perfume. I agree with that, but those two have the same features.

It’s like, perfume companies want this to happen so that you will buy it again and again.

Maybe that’s the main reasons why they are not making them like before.

I can remember а few years ago when perfumes were like a shield. Once you’ve applied your favorite perfume, you literally “stank” until you took a bath.

Those were the times.

While we are at it, what’s your favorite perfume?

I decided to share this story because it leads to something I found about the way we are all applying perfume.

Maybe it’s us. Maybe we don’t know how to apply it the right way.

The expert Ruth Mastenbroek has revealed the best parts of your body where you should apply the perfume.

Nope, it’s not what you think it is.

Let’s see what she says.

So, to summarize what she said. The perfect places to apply perfume the right way are:

  • Hair – the scent latches onto the fibers of your hair
  • Behind Ears – there is a pulse point behind the ears and the warmth there will enhance the fragrance
  • Collarbone – The bone structure enables the perfume to sit for longer
  • Inside Elbows – The pulse point will enhance the fragrance. Make sure this spot is hydrated to avoid irritation
  • Belly Button – If you are bearing your midriff, this is a must!
  • Hands – Your hands are the most used parts of your body and there is a pulse point to expose the fragrance
  • Behind your Knees – The veins run very close to the skin here that enhances the perfume scent
  • Ankles – This is refreshing and wafts as you walk making the perfume smell more

Who knew about this?

I bet your friends are not aware of this. Why don’t you share it with them and see what they think of it.

Source: Aunty Acid

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