Annual Academic Events You Don’t Want to Miss Out on

Have you ever attended an academic conference before? If no, then it’s high time you did. If yes, it was probably not as good as the conferences in this article. However; on the off chance that you might have, we highly recommend that you make it a point to attend them on a regular basis. And here’s why.

If you’ve attended academic conferences, you realize that they are all the same; it’s basically about people presenting their findings and/or experiences on a topic or subject. Nevertheless, some conferences have the ability to impact your life and way of thinking for the better, while others are very boring and do nothing but waste your time. To help you figure out what’s best for you, we have come up with a list of top 9 academic conferences that can help you crystallize your dreams and vision.

Conferences For Tertiary (Universities and colleges) Students

  • National Students Leadership Conference (NSLC) on Medicine and Healthcare
  • Global Women in Leadership Conference
  • National Students Leadership Conference (NSLC) on Biotechnology
  • International Conference on Education, Arts, and Social Studies
  • The National Students Leadership Conference (NSLC) on Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Conferences For Middle And High School Students

  • Spelling Bee
  • History Day
  • Mock Trial
  • Expanding your horizons- STEM conference for girls

NSLC on Medicine And Healthcare

The NSLC on medicine and healthcare is one of the most prestigious annual conferences in America. This is because the organizers usually invite some of the most renowned speakers, professors, and health practitioners. It also offers attendees the opportunity to grapple with current controversial topics in medicine and healthcare. More importantly, it serves as a great opportunity for students studying in the field of medical science to learn and join in on the discussions on controversial health issues like HIV.

Global Women in Leadership Conference

In today’s world in which the cry for female empowerment is gradually on the rise, now is probably the best time to seize the opportunity and empower yourself as a woman. According to the popular feminist jargon, What men can do, women can even better’. So the question we are posing to you is, ‘Are you willing to test your limits?’ If so, then this conference is precisely what you need. Because the conference usually brings together successful women in high positions in society (CEOs, managers, Directors, SVPs, etc.) who are willing to share their experience and practical ways of dealing with obstacles. 

NSLC on Biochemistry

This prestigious annual conference also offers attendees the opportunity to witness cutting-edge research and discoveries, as well as what it takes to excel in similar fields. Therefore, this event will be just the thing for aspiring biochemists.

International Conference on Art, Education, and Social Studies (ICAES)

The ICAES is another example of a prestigious academic conference that provides a platform for the likes of students, researchers, academicians, around the world to present their research and findings. Therefore, if you have any big ideas that you’d like to share with the rest of the world, ICAES is the conference for you.

The National Students Leadership Conference (NSLC) on Business And Entrepreneurship

The NSLC on Business and Entrepreneurship is also a great platform because it offers young aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs. Think of it this way: Who would you turn to if you needed assistance with doing your assignments? You’d probably seek the help of professional custom writing service companies. In the same manner, it’s only logical to turn to successful entrepreneurs for guidance if you want to be one. And this is what the NSLC offers.

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a competition that requires middle schools to choose candidates to compete in a spelling competition. As such, it’s an excellent programme that motivates youngsters to enjoy and pursue their academic goals.

History Day

This is also a great programme because it helps student enrich their knowledge and understand historical events by competing with one another.

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial is a prestigious programme that introduces youngsters to the US Justice System. In order to achieve this, a case is provided to two teams and each team is expected to provide prosecution and defense arguments to argue out in court with real judges presiding over the case.

Expanding Your Horizons- STEM Conference For Girls

This conference provides hands-on activities aimed at motivating young girls in middle and high schools to aspire for more. This programme has great potential because of how young these girls are.

Benefits of Attending Academic Conferences

  • To network and share ideas with like-minded people.
  • Certificate of participation
  • To raise funds to support a research
  • To increase knowledge
  • Traveling
  • Publication of research
  • To socialize with people from different culture
  • Scholarships
  • To find out what’s new
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Having fun
  • Opportunity to present research
  • Opportunity to meet role models

It’s clear as day that going through all your academic years without having gone to an academic conference at least once is just not enough. Simply put, you don’t want to miss out on the rush and fun of being in a hall full of like-minded people like yourself.

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