An Insight Into The Perks Of Investing In A Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Taking an insight into the perks of investing in a beginner acoustic guitar, we learned something. Whenever you go to a restaurant, if you’re anything like us, you may be baffled by the variety of dishes that they write on the menu. Don’t you want to have it all? So do we. But as true and realistic as it gets, you don’t buy them all.

Purchasing a guitar is quite the same. You have plenty of style, craftsmanship, brand, and whatnot on the menu. But you have to choose the one that suits your taste buds (or fingers).

You know, to judge a guitar, you need not be an expert. You just need to know how to do it, and we are here to help.   

An Insight Into The Perks Of Investing In A Beginner Acoustic Guitar:

Difference in Music

The difference in music comes not just how your tones show up. Different wood types, tonewood types, to be precise, give you different music. You need to invest in the type which will fit your music style.

Spruce is bright and warm, cedar is a little shy on the density.  Mahogany is the warmest and less bright; whereas Maple is less warm and more bright. Rosewood is the most expensive and gives you access to complex tones. Ebony is crisper and lastly, we have walnut that gives you frequencies on the lower side. If you have read about the best acoustic guitar for newbies, you must know they are made of solid/laminated wood featuring one or more from the bunch we just mentioned or other than this. 

A Size that Fits

You have to invest in a type that fits your purpose of playing. If you like to travel and play street music, you probably wouldn’t buy a Jumbo or a Grand Orchestra. Or you may, who knows? There are different types of guitar sizes. A Traveller’s one, which is small and triangular. Then there’s ½ and ¾ sizes for newbies like us and you. There’s the most popular one, the Dreadnought. Then we have the nostalgic Parlor guitars. You have Auditorium and Concert guitars too. All of them have their own sound and feel different on different person. So, you’ll need to check with the size to find comfort while playing. 

Quality Check to Ensure the Right Purchase

You will need to check different things as and while you are buying the piece. The neck should be straight for you. It is supposed to have a slight forward bend, but in case you don’t know how to detect that, just look for something straight.

Again, the setup of the guitar, that needs to contain a proper intonation and action of a guitar, you will need to invest here, too. Well, you can always set things up by yourself; but investing here, although will add extra cost, will ensure clarity.

Next, we have the frets that should be little arched and the dots should be pronounced if you are a beginner for ease of playing.

Lastly, for durability, make sure the quality of the hardware is good enough. And if the electronics aren’t too good, add to the guitar by investing and changing stuff here and there.


If you do not feel entitled to and attached to your guitar, the music you create, you will find it not satisfying you. And you will only feel attached to it, if you know it is just what you wanted. For that, you will need to do a great load of research in finding the guitar, and once you find it, practice with it and learn to play it with the help of Guitar Lessons Mississauga. You don’t stop at monetary investments only. You will have to invest your time and effort to play it.

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