An Expert Guide to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress for RV

If you are a happy camper and spend a lot of time on the campgrounds or roads, you need a comfortable mattress in your RV. Memory foam is a good choice for a deep sleep without creating a hole in your wallet. Apart from being durable, a memory foam mattress for RV is also lightweight and compact to fit small spaces as well.

Even if your vehicle comes with a mattress, you need to determine if it offers a comfortable sleep; otherwise, you will need a new setup for your vehicle. Here are a few things that can make selection easy and hassle-free for you.

Consider the Type of Bed

Mostly, the RVs come standard with foam mattresses that are firm, thin, and usually uncomfortable. The only advantage of these mattresses is their ability to fit compact spaces.

That’s where you can choose beds with memory foam camper mattresses to spend comfortable nights in your bed even while staying at the campgrounds. These beds have a layer of memory foam with a strong base for support and durability. In warmer climates, you may choose memory foam mattresses with cooling gel.

Look at the Size of Bed

RV mattresses are thankfully available in a variety of sizes to suit every camper size. Whether you have a standard twin bed, a bunk, queen size, or a three-quarter bed, you can find a mattress that fits your bed comfortably.

If you cannot find the perfect size, go for custom design mattresses that can be tailored according to the size of your RV bed. You may also do it yourself by using an electric carving knife or a handsaw to cut the foam for downsizing.

Determine the Firmness of the Mattress

The RV mattresses are typically firmer than other types of mattresses. If you choose a memory foam mattress for RV, you will also get extra softness on your bed. Check the thickness of your mattress and select the one that’s 3-4 inches thick. It will provide adequate support to your body and prevent tossing and turning throughout the night.

Foam density is also an important consideration here. Experts recommend the memory foam mattresses having a thickness of 4-5 pounds for durability and comfort.

Check the Durability of the Mattress

When you are on the move, your RV mattress also undergoes severe wear and tear. Every trip gives a beating to your mattress. Hence, it makes sense to invest in an excellent bed that can withstand strenuous use and exposure to elements.

Here, you can look for the warranty and certifications that come with the mattress. Do not buy products that aren’t tested and certified for their safety, performance, and comfort levels.

Read the Reviews

Despite your efforts, you may find it challenging to choose the right type of memory foam mattress for your RV. In this case, you may take help from online reviews or mattress recommendations from the experts. The reviews provide first-hand experiences of other buyers who invested in the same product.

Since many brands are offering high-quality mattresses for campers, make informed choices based on the factors explained above. Lastly, don’t forget to compare the costs of mattresses at different stores for the best deals.


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