American Flag Stickers that Show Your Pride

Now that the spring is here it won’t be long before it’s the 4th of July, the day Americans of all walks of life come together to celebrate the one thing they all have in common: independence. Like most Americans, your idea of showing your pride might be entirely different from somebody else.

While one young person likes to wear t-shirts emblazoned with the Stars n’ Stripes, another might choose to emblazon his Jeep Wrangler with “made in America,” laborers local union stickers of the flag. After all, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to display stickers that were made in China or Mexico.

According to a recent article, whether you’re honoring a U.S. military veteran, the 4th of July, or just plain want to show off your love and patriotism of country, there is no better way than to do it through a flag sticker, or what’s also known as a decal. Excellent American flag stickers are said to be a great addition to walls, furniture, windows, laptops, notebooks, plus truck and Jeep windows too.   

Many musicians like to “slap” the decals on their drum sets and guitar cases while lots of athletes, both professional and amateur alike, will stick them onto skis, surfboards, and gym bags. Some of the most popular stickers come in the form of bumper stickers since their super strong adhesive backing is engineered to stick to trucks, cars, boats, semis, and motorhome.

Experts agree that the very best flag stickers/decals are constructed of thick, durable vinyl and possess special coatings that make them water and UV-resistant. This means the colors will not run in the pouring rain and they also won’t fade in the hot summer sun. Should the decals get dirty, all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp sponge and they’re nest to new.

American Flag Stickers To Showcase Your Pride  

Here are just a few U.S. flag stickers that come in traditional colors and even contemporary designs. These range from credit-card sized decals to bigger, “poster-sized prints” that you can adhere to walls, vehicles, and guitar amps.  

Patriotic American Flag Stars and Stripes

Proud to be manufactured in the U.S.A., the classic American flag decal is popular for both outdoor and indoor use. You can place it on a window, even purchase a pack of stickers to “deck out your 4th of July party.” You can also use it as a bumper sticker to support your country while driving the highways and byways.  

The sticker is made not from paper but a superior quality vinyl that’s both waterproof and durable. It also won’t fade in the hot sun. It’s said to peel off relatively easily from whatever backing it’s attached to and won’t leave a marking.

American Flag Stickers

The traditional red, white, and blue flag usually measures about 10 x 3 inches. 

Reflective American Flag Decal

This flag is not only good looking, but it’s designed to keep you safe and visible at night. That’s because it’s made with 3M strips that glow when light is shined on them. You can paste them to your bike helmet also so that passing vehicles are aware of your presence. You can also use them as a “glow in the dark” bumper sticker.

The sticker is said to be made with U.V., water-resistant material that will not fall off or fade, even after years of use. They measure around 3 x 5 inches and come in a trendy matte-black or the classic red, white, and blue.

Vinyl American Flag Decal

For those patriots who fall into the more artsy category, there is an American flag sticker that comes in a minimalist, artistic design. It contains solid color stripes and stars but has no background coloring. However, the color of the surface you paste it to will serve as the background. This allows “you to create some unique décor inspiration.” 

As opposed to many traditional flag decals, this sticker is a what’s called a “die-cut transfer” you can stick onto the surface of your choice. These options include your Jeep, car, truck, laptop, binder, guitar case, and so much more. You should use a squeegee tool or sponge to slowly rub the sticker over the surface. You then wait a couple of minutes and slowly peel back the corners on the transfer tape to unveil the sticker design. These made in the U.S.A. stickers are manufactured from a high quality vinyl that can last for up to five or more years, even in the great outdoors.