Amazing Prosthetic Hands For Kids Made From 3D Printer

There is one thing almost every mother does when doctors place her child in her arms for the first time: she holds that little wrinkled, crying baby and after gazing at that little face, she counts the fingers and toes. The action is done unaware, to make sure that everything with the baby is as it should be, yet there are also those unfortunate times when not everything is so.

Dysmelia or limb difference is a congenital disorder that affects the limbs and the child may be born without a limb or fingers. Those children must have a prosthetic that replaces the missing part, but those can be pretty expensive for some parents and not to mention their apparance that might even scare a small child.

Thanks to modern technology and some dedicated and creative engineers, now kids with missing limbs may have a affordable, fully functional and not to mention fun and age-appropriate prosthetic. All they’ll need is a 3D printer to make the parts then assemble them. This revolutionry products will make life easier and a lot happier for many children and parents.

It All Starts With A Box


Then Assemble It By Following The Instructions Or An Online Video


Or Visit The Clinic And Have Them Put It On


Then The Fun Begins


Choose From Many Models, Like The Cyborg Beast Hand

cyorg beast hand

The Fun LED Light Show By Debbie Leung

Debbie Leung

A Cool Gift From 16-year old Jason Wilde For His 9-Year Old Friend Matthew


The Hand Of Iron Man


The Famous Claws Of Wolverine


Something Green And Simple


The Design Possibilities Are Endless


Print Your Own 3D Prosthetic Design And See The Biggest Smile On Your Child’s Face


Change Your Little Angels’ Lives Today. They Deserve It


For more information on the 3D printed postethic visit the E-nabling the future web site.

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