Altoid Tins Can Be Quite The Little Life Savers And Here Are 15 Ways How

Well, this was oddly satisfying. I used to throw them away as soon as my kids finish up these Altoids tins. I’m not doing that after this.

You have to see this. I mean, listen to this. People found a way to turn these simple and throw-me-away-after-you-finish-the-mings tins into something so amazing. The ideas will make you want to get back into the past and collect all of these tins.

I always thought that if I don’t throw things away my house will be filled with garbage. But, no. If you know how to use all of the things, your house will become heaven!

These simple tweaks and barely noticeable pieces in your house will turn the lonely and unused space in a shiny spot.

Don’t you believe me? – Try this and come back here to tell me how you felt when you “employed” all spots in your house.

They have special powers!

1. Mint Tin Turned Mini Garden

Mint Tin Turned Mini Garden

Tutorial via

2. Tic-Tac-Toe


Tutorial via

3. Mini Emergency Kit


Tutorial via

4. Magnetic Me

magentic me

Tutorial via

5. Altoids MINI Flashlight

Altoids MINI Flashlight

Tutorial via

6. Recycled Mini Chalkboard

Recycled Mini Chalkboard

Tutorial via

7. Camera Shaped Accordion Book

Camera Shaped Accordion Book

Tutorial via

8. Decoupage A Tiny Tin


Tutorial via

9. Altoids Tin Pocket-Sized Watercolor Box

Altoids Tin Pocket-Sized Watercolor Box

Tutorial via

10. Lemon Butter Lip & Skin Balm in Altoids Tins

Lemon Butter Lip & Skin Balm in Altoids Tins

Tutorial via

11. Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set in Altoids tin!

Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set in Altoids tin!

Tutorial via

12. Altoids Tin Emergency Candle

Altoids Tin Emergency Candle

Tutorial via

13. Vintage-Style Luggage Ornaments

Vintage-Style Luggage Ornaments

Tutorial via

14. Altoids Tin Pincushion and Notions Box

Altoids Tin Pincushion and Notions Box

Tutorial via

15. All Purpose Altoids Tin Case


Tutorial via

Home decorations and those wearable hacks just made your life easier!

Don’t forget to share these with your friends. They want to see it!

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