Music defines us. It helps us determine who we are and where we want to go. Music is everywhere – at our celebrations, weddings, graduation, sports events, society, and era, in movies, and the list goes on. It provides identity to our community, giving us a common thread and a way to relate with one another. Hence the need to imbibe music as a virtue in our lives and the lives of our children, who are the leaders of tomorrow.

Benefits of Learning Music

Learning music has more than a truckload of benefits in people’s lives. Everyone naturally likes music. Music carries emotion, and emotion induces engagement. This engagement helps us learn faster and communicate better. We can learn to be attentive with music, reason abstractly, and bring out our creativity. Music goes a long way to building self-discipline and self-esteem in kids. The most beautiful thing about music is that it does all these things and is still very much fun. This is precisely what Twelve Tones Music School provides.

Why Twelve Tones Music School?

It’s no news that kids should be taught music. It is essential, and it has been ongoing. Over the years, for a very long time, kids have been taught music all over the world. However, Twelve Tones Music School offers an entirely new approach, preventing new learners from losing interest and confidence as with traditional music learning. Located in Glenview, Illinois, Twelve Tone’s system offers something more welcoming, valuable, and fun.

Great Community

Firstly, Twelve Tones is founded on a community-focused effort. It is the heart of the school. Twelve Tones believes that the feeling of belonging in a community of other people with the same passion for music is just as crucial as that passion for music. The community includes fellow students, bandmates, and audiences, each in one way or the other, raising the learners to find excitement and fulfillment in the beautiful music they’re learning to make to the point where they can confidently and enjoyably make and perform their music. It’s a jam culture of joy and collaboration.

As part of the community, Twelve Tones creates small groups of six or less that band together, learn, and eventually play together while having fun. This destroys the ineffective and inefficient ways music is taught in most schools. Being part of a band gives the students something bigger than themselves, with each member working hard on themselves and their teammates for the team’s good. It is an exciting, uplifting, and enjoyable experience.

Professional Instructors

Twelve Tones have an incredible faculty of instructors. All the instructors are professionals and teach music full-time. This means that every instructor is well equipped with the knowledge to guide you to becoming a music genius. These instructors share the same passion as the students, as well as the same values and vision of the school.

Progress-based Tech

Twelve Tones have technology that allows them to ensure their learners get the best. This technology was built by Twelve Tones, so it’s customized to allow them to track student progress, create clear assignments, communicate with the parents of the students, and so much more.

Real-life performance

Even more exciting is that Twelve Tones provide more performing time for students than any other music school. Yay! Your kids have several opportunities to go on stage, build their confidence and courage, and conquer their stage frights. There’s no need to become a great musician if the world can get to watch you live.

Capable Facility

Twelve Tones also have a state-of-the-art facility equipped with proper tools for the student’s musical journey. Their facility has enough space, a professional stage, and two professional studios. This means everything gets to be done indoors. No stress about where to perform or how to transport learning equipment from one place to another. This also means that the students have quality hands-on learning experiences – they get to practice for real, rather than learning theory.

All in all, music is a massive part of life. The earlier one learns to communicate with this universal language, the more beautiful their life is. Twelve Tones Music School is the right place to develop everything musical. The fun part is that it’s not only for kids. So, you can learn alongside your kids. If you think this is for you, visit Twelve Tones Music School and begin your journey. If you stay in Glenview, Chicago, or anywhere around, you’re lucky; seize this opportunity now and watch your kids grow into the stars they’re meant to be.

Photo by Twelve Tones Music School