All You Need to Know About the Kakadu Art and Designs

Hey! Have you by any chance heard of Jewish art? Have you also heard of Kakadu designs? You are probably wondering right now what ‘Jewish art’ and ‘Kakadu design’ mean. What comes to your mind? Jewish arts are made by Jewish artists, and Kakadu designs are designs made by some Kakadu company, right?

Don’t worry; this article will provide you with a background of Jewish art, give you an insight into what Kakadu designs are all about, and point you in the direction of remarkable and functional items featuring Jewish ingenuity and artistry available online. With everyone on board, let’s get started on our journey to finding out all about Jewish arts and the amazing Kakadu designs.

Brief details of Jewish Art.

Jewish artists date back to the Biblical period, and they did not fail to have portrayed images that are anthropomorphic. More so, Jewish arts can be traced back to Bezalel; a biblical character said to have been ordained by God to make the Tabernacle within the wilderness. Ever since, Jewish arts have thrived, carrying the emblem of the Jewish artists around the world. Interesting, right? Jewish art ranges into sections of folk art, like ritual art, paper-cuts, and art by Jews, which comprises a vast range of pictorial representations by Jewish artists, from painting to sculpture to avant-garde art.

Enough of the history already. We’ll now introduce you to Kakadu designs, a Jewish studio with a rich heritage that crafts gorgeous items and makes them available for purchase at fair prices online.

An Overview of Kakadu Arts and Design.

Please give us the pleasure of telling you about Kakadu Arts and Designs, an international company that creates handmade and hand-painted wooden designs and Judaica for the home. It is owned by Aharon and Reut Sharar. It was founded in 1990 and it is located at Moshav Tzafririm, Elah valley. We believe it will interest you to know that Aharon, who is a founder of Kakadu, is a carpenter and designer.

On the other hand, Reut, who is the artistic voice of Kakadu Arts and Designs, the manager of the unique Kakadu workshops, and the pleasant hostess who will entertain you to their gallery if you ever get the chance to go visiting. But don’t worry, even if you can’t go visiting yet, you can own a piece of their unique and aesthetically appealing products by ordering online right from the comfort of your couch. 

Get Your Own Unique Piece of Kakadu Designs Product Online Without Breaking the Bank

Kakadu studio makes and trades Israel’s original functional art. And they provide tours and workshops at Ela Valley. Kakadu designs create functional artistic items that serve as distinct interior design elements in your home. Wonderful stuff! Isn’t it?  They have well over a hundred different items, constituting stationery items, office accessories, carpets, trays, mirrors, lazy susans, furniture and more. The icing on the cake is each item is creatively handcrafted and painted with a motif of Kakadu art that’s a signature, has water-resistance properties, and can last for very long. Impressively, all through the procedures from selecting wood to excellent supervision and crafting-

Kakadu is devoted to recycling and preservation. The output is usually furniture and accessories that are environmentally friendly. So, when you order their products online, you won’t only be getting a functional piece of art but also opting for an original brand that genuinely cares about mother nature and avoids wastage.

Some Items Offered by Kakadu Designs Online.

If you want hand-painted furniture or extraordinary gift items from Israel, Kakadu design offers wonderful handcrafted wooden products that you’ll absolutely love. Kakadu designs specialize in wooden household objects. Amazingly, every object in the array can be mixed and matched with another. Kakadu designs and arts have wooden home decoration objects. Some of the items feature circles, landscapes, birds, flowers, Israel’s seven species, dots, and lines, and more, all in bold hues.

Kakadu Art and Design brings the beauty of nature and greenery into your set with the dynamic Kakadu Eucalyptus Gum Wall Art. This item is shaded with bold strokes of moistened shades of green and kept in a timbre covering for a presentation that has the quality of a gallery. It is excellent in decorating an area in your residence or your office and giving it an artistic view.

Furthermore, among the items Kakadu designs offer is Judaica (items for a Jewish celebration called Hanuka). Judaica refers to a collection of items employed by Jews for ritual purposes. Because enriching a mitzvah by conducting it with an exceptionally beautiful item is deemed a praiseworthy manner of honoring the commandments, there has been a long custom of delegating ritual items from artists and craftsmen in Judaism.

A Brief Glance at the Procedure of Kakadu Art and Design.

The items designed at Kakadu studio undergo twelve steps. After an item has been designed, it is crafted at an on-site workshop. Solid wood and plywood are the material used. These materials are cut in ways that ensure there is very minimal scrap. Having made the product, it is hand-painted. To make it durable and water-resistant, it is lacquered severally. When this is done, the Kakadu designs product will be displayed and distributed.


Art for The Heart’ Workshops.

It’s interesting to know that the founders operate workshops at the Kakadu Gallery in Israel and around the globe. The purpose is to allow people to get involved in the inventive process. The belief held by Reut is that everyone can be productive, so she operates workshops to assist people in applying their mastery. There are short workshops and long-term usual classes that allow people to ultimately start up their businesses and studios. Jewish heritage, music, and nature are among the other classes and workshops provided at Kakadu Arts and Designs.

Activities Around Kakadu if You Ever Get a Chance to Go Visiting

If you absolutely love the Kakadu designs products for sale online, and we’re sure you’ll do, then you can drop by their studio if you ever visit Israel. You can easily enjoy a full-day activity at Kakadu. Rent bicycles by the Moshav for your family and have a tour around some of the landscapes that are considered most beautiful in Israel.

The good news is you can start enjoying the beautiful flowers in January, for spring starts early at Kakadu. Explore the local caves with Reut’s husband. He is a certified tour instructor, and you will get to see some of the caves used during the period of David the king.