All You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension

On days when you want your eye-makeup to stand out, an extra coat of mascara won’t cut it. Getting the right false eyelash will make your eye stand out and alleviate the overall appearance. But people steer clear from false eyelashes because they look false.

But it is a matter of choosing the best eyelash extension for your eyes and occasion. Choosing the right colored contact lenses and eyelashes can alleviate your eye look perfectly. And in this article, we tell you everything you need to know about eyelash extension.

What Are The Types of Eyelash Extensions?

When it comes to false eyelashes, below are popular types you will find in the market

  • Individuals

If you are looking for a subtle way to get fuller lashes or add more definition to specific areas of the line, then individual extensions are a perfect choice. Typically, you will find 30 to 60 strands of lashes in different lengths in a single set. The different sizes of the lashes allow you to get a more customized look. These are perfect for people who are just looking to fill the gaps in between and naturally add volume to the lashes.

  • Strips

These are the most common types of eyelashes. These are basically a horizontal band made with faux wisps that are popped on entirely on the upper lash line. These come in different style options and will look great when you choose the right shape for your eyes. Strips are perfect for someone who is looking for fuller lashes.

  • Clusters

These are also called accents or flares and are perfect for beginners or people who are short on time. There is a little band on the clusters that make these lashes easier to put on the lash line. And, they do not lift up from the corner. Additionally, these can be applied to create different kinds of looks. For instance, you can just add clusters on the corners to create a cat-eye look.

Choosing The Right Lashes That Will Suit Your Face

Not all eyelashes are equal. And how your eyelashes come across depends on the kind of lashes you select. Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose the right eyelash extension for your face.

  • For Almond Eyes

Suppose you have almond eyes like Kendal Jenner and Rihanna; then need a different type of lashes that can work well with your shape. In almond eyes, you don’t see the while under or above the iris. You need to choose the right lashes to accentuate the sexy shape of the eye. Opt for voluminous lashes that are distributed evenly along with the band.

  • For Round Eyes

If you have large round eyes, then you can see the white around the iris. Adding wispy lashes towards the outer corners will give a sensual cat-eye shape. For a dramatic look, you can opt for more intensively curled lashes.

  • For Small or Hooded Eyes

In these types of eyes, the eyelid folds hide some of the lids when the eyes are open. So your lids are not visible entirely. When you are choosing eyelash extensions for hooded or small eyes, the main objective is to open up the eyes. Thick and long lashes will look heavier and make your eyes even smaller. Rather you should select the latest that is more natural-looking. Opt for lashes are slightly more extended in the center to get a deeper illusion.

  • For Deep-Set Eyes

If your eyes are positioned slightly back under the brow bone, then this gives you the opportunity to add a lot of drama with your lashes. You can opt for long curled lashes as it will open up the eyes by making them seem bigger.

  • For Monolid Eyes

In these types of eyes, creases on the eyelid are not visible. Typically people belonging to Asian ethnicities have such eyes. For monolid eyes, choose fluttery lashes featuring crisscross layers to open up the eyes. You can also opt for shorter, less dramatic extensions. Make sure to properly curl the lashes in order to enhance the eyes.

How To Properly Apply Eyelashes?

Once you have selected the right eyelash extensions, the next step is to apply it properly. When applying false eyelashes, here are the steps that you should follow

  • Hold your lashes up the eyelid to measure the length. Use a scissor to snip the lashes from the inner corner. Considering that the outer corner has the most volume, you want to retain that.
  • Apply a thin strip of lash adhesive over the band. Wait for 30 seconds to let the glue dry. The drier your lash glue is, the easier it will be to stick.
  • Stick the lashed on the upper lid from the center. Ensure to keep it as close to your lash line as possible. Then slowly work your way across the eyelid to secure the strip properly. Don’t place the false lashes close to your eye duct.
  • Wait until the glue has dried completely to use eyeliner for the touch-up.

The Right Way To Remove Your Eyelash Extensions

Use an oil-free makeup remover to remove your lashes. This is because oil-based products make it harder for the glue to stick if you plan to reuse the extensions in the future. Dip a cotton swab of the remover and gently rub the swap over the lashes until they become loose and fall off. Using a tweezer, remove any remaining glue and clean the lashes using a makeup remover. Place it in the lash case or plastic container.

If your lashes are made using animal hairs, they can last between 20 and 30 years, whereas synthetic lashes only last around 3 to 8 years. To ensure that lashes last longer, do not tug them off; gently remove them with a good makeup remover. Additionally, apply mascara before applying lashes. This is because the build-up of mascara on the false lashes will reduce its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of different kinds of eyelashes available in the market. And the above information will guide you to choose the perfect eyelash extensions for your eyes. Ensure that you choose a reputable eyelash brand that has an extensive collection to cater to diverse needs.

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