All about Statues Selection and Placement

The statuses and sculptures you see at a local garden or online shops look incredibly amazing until you bring them to your garden, and you cannot figure out how to place them. Statue placement is more like furniture positioning in your home or garden. You must ensure that they bring out the best, and failure to find the right position can make your home messy and tacky. You have probably seen this in other gardens and would not wish that for yours. The trick is to take your time to plan and come up with ideas. Check out pages on Pinterest or magazines until you come up with something that will compliment your garden and make it outstanding. If you are planning on getting garden statues, but you are not sure of the placement, here are a few tips for you.

Select the right statues

The first step is to determine the ideal statue that will fit your garden. You should always go for something you love. For example, you cannot go wrong with poodle statues if you are into dogs. You may get a poodle as a remembrance of your beloved pet that you probably lost or died. You should not choose a cat statue if you are not into cats. Remember that other than beautifying your garden, the statue is something you have to see each day whenever you go to the garden to relax, and you must, therefore, ensure that it pleases your eyes. Also, don’t be caught up by trends. Just because everyone else is getting it, does not mean that you have to. Your statue can be traditional, religious, personal, or realistic. If you love it, go for it. 

What feeling do you want to trigger with the statue?

Like any other kind of art, statues in the garden will create a feeling. Think of the emotions you want it to trigger whenever someone sees it even from a far distance. It could be joy or humor. Whichever statue you choose should fit the feelings.

Consider the style of your home

The sculpture is part of your home decor, and you should, therefore, ensure that it matches your home’s style. The style of your garden will significantly impact the kind of statue you select. For example, if you have a contemporary home, it would be best if you go for an abstract statue. If you have a traditional style garden, a formal piece will do. Determine the style you wish to create before settling on particular sculptures.

Determine the right material

Statues come in a range of materials, and it is up to you to select the kind that makes you happy, based on the purpose, where you intend to place it, and the type of look you want to achieve. The materials include concrete, limestone, fiberglass; you name them. While concrete and limestone are mainly designed for formal and traditional gardens, fiberglass, metal, and bronze are the most preferred if you want flexibility. Also, they are durable as they can take any kind of climate, thus the best option for outdoor placement.

Consider the size

The size of the statue you choose can make your garden look smaller or bigger. Ensure that the sculpture fits the size of the garden. For example, you should not select large pieces for small lots. Although giant statues are the most preferred, sometimes the pieces might overshadow everything else, and that is not what you need.

The placement of the statue

The main challenge comes in selecting the placement point of the statue. When deciding the right position, your primary concern should be on the size of the statue. Large pieces act as the garden’s focal point, meaning that all eyes will be drawn to the area. Abstract sculptures are fantastic focal points because they are visible from all angles. You should, therefore, determine if you want the statue to be the point of attraction from all sides. Small pieces, on the other hand, bring you closer to the garden.

The other important aspect to consider when determining the placement position is the additional elements in the garden. You probably have flowers that you would not wish to overshadow with the statue. In this case, selecting smaller ones will do great.

There is no point in adding sculptures to your home garden if they cannot be seen. Determine which direction you will be looking at them probably from your bedroom’s window, the patio, or entrance. Select an area where people are more likely to be sitting, standing, or passing. The pieces must create an impact.

With these tips, you are good to choose the best statues for your garden and choose the right position to place them. You do not want your garden to end up looking messy. You should do some in-depth research first or let professionals handle the placement for you. All the best!

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