Alcohol Rehab Programs in Canada

Trying to get out of alcohol addiction can be hard for those who have been in addiction for a long time. Many Rehab programs are used in Canada to help reduce the dependency of alcohol. However, Canada is not significantly affected by alcohol addiction, like other parts of the US. Medical doctors say that alcohol, unlike other drugs, cannot be flushed out of the body.

Once you drink alcohol, it must go through the liver. You see, this proves that alcohol has a significant negative impact on your body. Making up your mind to quit alcohol is the best decision.

There are several rehab programs designed to help the addiction to alcohol. These are:

12 Step Rehabilitation Program

This program is widespread all over the world. Many rehabilitation centers also use the program with other programs because it’s been proven that it produces tremendous results. However, the program is focused on spiritual ways to stop addiction. This model was designed for Christians, so most Non-Christians and atheists found it hard to embrace the model. It was then modified to fit people of other religions.

The 12-Step Program Practice

In this program, the alcohol addicts are given the platform to encourage one another to abstain. They talk about their experiences and the challenges they are facing in the journey to an alcohol-free life. They do this in their meetings. These regular meetings are of great help because they minimize the chances of relapsing and improve mental health.

This program gives the addicts the chance to surrender their addiction and think about their experiences and move on to a new lifestyle pattern. 

Using this model will help you:

  • Develop the ability to admit that you have an addiction problem
  • Admit and accept to seek help from outside
  • Become aware of behaviours that arose from the addiction and help you restrain. 
  • Use the restrain to build up your self-esteem.
  • Accept yourself and change your behaviours.
  • With tools that you’ll practice throughout your life

What are the 12 steps?

  1. Admit 
  2. Believing there’s greater help (higher power)
  3. Decide to let the higher power take control
  4. Make a personal inventory
  5. Admitting your wrongs to the greater support and those wronged
  6. Be ready for a correction
  7. Asking for help to eliminate shortcomings
  8. Be willing to make amends with those offended
  9. Contacting the people you’ve hurt
  10. Take personal inventory regularly and ensure that you accept your wrongs
  11. Meditation and seek connection with your maker
  12. Sharing the 12 steps with others who are stuck

Outpatient Rehab Programs

This kind of alcohol treatment model is done at health centers. This treatment usually takes place at night or early mornings. It’s conducted at these times so that the patient’s schedule will not be interfered with. Patients undergoing this program are allowed to live at home and carry on with their normal routines.

This program takes a couple of months, and sometimes medications are administered to the patient if need be.  Other models like therapy, counselling, and support group can be included.

Residential Alcohol Rehab Program

A high level of rehabilitation services is offered to those who are battling alcohol addiction with a residential rehab program. Residential programs are mainly carried out at rehab facilities. These facilities are free from alcohol; therefore, individuals are not tempted to drink. In residential programs, the individuals remain in those centers for a couple of days, depending on their needs.

During the treatment at the residential program, other services like medical treatment and mental health treatments, among other services, are available.

Faith-Based Rehabilitation Programs

Many faith-based programs offer free programs for those struggling with alcohol addiction. To become a beneficiary of these programs, a person doesn’t need to convert to a particular religion. These programs are available for all religions.

These programs have produced good results because they produce a clean and healthy environment for the participants. They provide food, leisure time activities, spiritual guidance, and they also offer skills for life development to the individuals.

Government Based Alcohol Rehab Programs

In Canada, the government has funded several governments-based alcohol rehabs on helping people overcome alcohol addiction. Each state has its own money disbursed, and they also have their criteria.

Different states have a different approach when it comes to alcohol addiction treatment. In some states, they offer short term rehabilitation programs while others offer long term rehab treatment.


Recovery from alcohol addiction is easy when an individual agrees to work with health professionals. It takes your decision and your commitment to overcome the addiction. Avoiding environments that trigger the temptation of alcohol can be the first step to take when starting this journey.

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