Advantages of Using Custom Patio Umbrellas in Brand Promotions

A custom patio umbrella is a big sized umbrella used during outdoor activities to shield people or products from the sun. During a tradeshow, traders use a patio umbrella to shield their goods from the sun and make customers comfortable when they come to buy from them. They also use it to shield the customers from any harsh weather while they bargain on the prices of goods.

A custom patio umbrella is also known as a market umbrella that is bigger than a regular umbrella. Another instance where a patio umbrella can be used is during brand promotion. Brand promotions usually happen outdoors to advertise a particular brand to people who may want to buy. This patio umbrella is flexible and can be carried with a vehicle while the promotion is going on. However, most brand promotions happen in an open space, where people can walk into and make inquiries.

There are advantages of using a patio umbrella during a brand promotion, and they include;

Serves As A Shield From Unfavorable Weather

When a brand wants to promote something outside for others to see, they are not in control of the weather, so they have no idea how to prevent it. However, since they cannot prevent, but they can manipulate it from ruining the promotion. A patio umbrella is big enough for several people to hide from any harsh weather. It can also help to keep the items that the brand is trying to promote, safe for customers.


Getting a patio umbrella is one of the easiest things to do as it is affordable in any store. You do not have to break the bank to get a patio umbrella for your brand promotion.

Easy to Set Up

Unlike a regular umbrella, a patio umbrella takes some steps to be able to set up, but these steps can quickly be followed with the use of the manual. It is easy to set up and can be done in ten minutes. 

Variety of Colors

When it comes to a patio umbrella, you have the choice of many options. Sometimes you may be confused because there are too many colors you can pick from. Also, there are patio umbrellas with inscriptions and designs that will suit your brand promotion.

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It is Durable

Some people are often confused about using a patio umbrella to promote their brand outdoors because the harsh wind may take the umbrella off, and the whole setup will be ruined. However, this is unlikely because a patio umbrella is durable and efficient. There are different types, and each of them comes with stability to stand against the wind.

It is Presentable

During a brand promotion, you must be presentable and unique so that customers can be easily attracted to you. If your promotion is taking place outside the house, you need a patio umbrella to look presentable to your potential customers.

It Can Be Adjusted

A custom patio umbrella can be adjusted to various lengths that suit your needs as a brand promoter. Sometimes, you may want the umbrella very high, and other times you may want it lower. All these adjusting features can be found in a patio umbrella.

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