Advantages of Hiring Colocation and Dedicated Server in the UK

Colocation, a hosting option for small businesses has become an attractive idea for several companies that though do not have infrastructure similar to huge-sized IT companies yet want to have similar hosting services. Nevertheless, large companies often own the Internet infrastructure to host their own web servers and even hire IT professionals to manage and design the websites which is not the case with small-sized companies for obvious reasons i.e. lack of funds and resources.

However, that does not mean that individuals and small companies cannot have the same – colocation hosting is such one hosting that is almost like the ones that are being enjoyed by the large IT firms. Though there is a wide range of options available for clients who are looking for hosting to run their web servers off of a dedicated Internet connection, colocation is considered the best option for the obvious reason i.e. it is cheap yet the best.

Nonetheless, clients get the greatest flexibility when they consider colocation hosting as they get the privilege to choose the hardware configuration of the server. In such an arrangement the hosting company maintains the connection to the Internet. Additionally, such a company deals with environmental details too that may inter alia include uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), fire controls, air conditioning, etc. amongst others. One major advantage of using a colocation server is that the company gets complete upkeep of the server.

On the other hand, by hiring a dedicated server in the UK, a client pays for the physical space that his server takes up. Though colocation hosting costs a higher startup cost when compared to renting a server from a hosting company, it is nonetheless worth an investment. Moreover, it is the low cost for bandwidth that is highly appreciated by clients who hire colocation hosting servers i.e. higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy.

The company that looks for less outage and protection from it must hire colocation facilities for it has better outage protection than others. It becomes quite difficult to manage servers when there is no outage protection and in such a situation a colocation server facility can be considered the best solution.

No corporate company whose business depends heavily upon its website would prefer long-duration outages for it may hamper the growth and ROI; therefore, efforts should be made to reduce outage time to record level and reduce the loss that could be incurred thereby.

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