Add Some Earthy Copper Tones To Your Home Decor With 14 Lovely DIY’s

Making your home a nice place for living is all about decorating it like you want. We, the women, can get bored very easily. We might spend a couple of bucks more on a curtain we love only to replace it a month later.

That’s right. If that curtain doesn’t suit with something new we placed nearby, that curtain has to go.

I was sitting at my home yesterday thinking about what I can do to make my home little bit colorful and playful.

Nothing is better than Vase and fresh flowers.

When I started searching for decor ideas I found interesting things. I made a list of 14 lovely DIY’s that you will fell in love right away.

Tell me which one you like the most.

1. Copper Vase


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2. Copper Pine Magazine Rack


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3. Agate Slice And Copper Wall Scones


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4. Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls


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5. Garden Ottoman


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6. Copper Pipe Bookshelf


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7. Copper Pipe Jewelry Holder


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8. Hanging Copper Vases

Hanging Copper Vases

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9. Copper and Wood Hanging Light Fixture

Copper and Wood Hanging Light Fixture

Tutorial via

10. Copper Pipe Cutlery Holder


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11. Hanging Copper Planter

Hanging Copper Planter

Tutorial via

12. Copper And Leather Weave Table


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13. Copper Edged Mirror

Copper Edged Mirror

Tutorial via

14. Industrial Copper Pipe Clock


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