Acquiring dental, hearing, and vision insurance for seniors

Of course, older adults who regularly take care of their teeth, hearing, and vision will enjoy their golden years more so than those who don’t because they will most likely have less health problems. Still, many seniors regularly go without proper care and it is because of cost. There are many reasons for this, including cost, lack of transportation to appointments, and fear of the dentist.

Another issue is that traditional medical covers will not cover dental or vision care. So that means separate expenses for DHV treatment costs which is a valid reason for seniors to neglect this part of their health.

What is Dental, hearing, and vision insurance for seniors?

Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage goes beyond necessities and covers the services you need to maintain your health. No more worrying about out-of-pocket costs. You can access any dentist, optometrist, or audiologist you want with this insurance plan.

Why do seniors need a DHV insurance plan?

Getting a yearly physical with a doctor, reading glasses when needed, and checking in with an audiologist when your ears feel different are all essential practices. Unfortunately, most insurance plans don’t cover these costs. Without a dental, vision, or hearing coverage plan in place, you may end up paying a lot more than you expect for essential procedures.

Dental insurance for seniors 

When you don’t have a proper bite, your whole life can be affected. In addition to the pain from cavities, ill-fitting dentures, and other dental health issues, digestive problems can also arise if you can’t chew your food correctly. 

Let Sicuro health help you have a long-lasting smile with our dental plan so you can always enjoy your meals! The following benefits come with our dental plan: 

  • dental implants
  • cavity fillings 
  • deep-root cleanings  
  • dentures 
  • Routine dental checkups 

Vision insurance for seniors 

Senior eyesight is a big issue, and it can become a big problem with seemingly minor problems going untreated. Early detection of eye issues can save seniors from serious ailments that can lead to further complications.

To combat vision loss, seniors must enroll with insurance coverage for eye exams, glasses, and eye surgery.

Hearing insurance plan for seniors 

You might not think about your hearing until you realize that it’s hard to hear the person in front of you at a restaurant. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your ears are protected. If you don’t take care of them, you could end up missing words or conversations — a risk that increases with age. 

Whether you’ve got a lot going on or simply enjoy a quiet lifestyle, hearing insurance is an essential part of your financial plan. The plan will help you have access to the following benefits:

  • Hearing exams 
  • Hearing aids  

Our dental plan offers excellent coverage for regular visits and dental emergencies, including regular checkups and exams. Our vision plan includes an annual eye exam coverage and discounts on glasses, contacts, and frames. As far as our hearing plan goes, it gives you unlimited access to hearing tests and deals on hearing aids.

Conclusion: Why Sicuro health 

Every day, Sicuro Health connects patients to healthcare providers nationwide. With an extensive network of trusted healthcare providers and relationships with major insurance carriers, Sicuro Health is your best option when it comes to securing quality dental hearing vision insurance for seniors.