How to Achieve Fitness at Home

During the current climate of the world, fitness at home has become a trend that has taken the world by storm. Due to the quarantining situation that we all have to endure to stay safe from this current pandemic, the best way to break a sweat is to do it from the safety of our own home. 

Yes, your house may not have all the equipment used in a conventional gym to get toned, but that should not stop you from working out at home, and companies have quickly adapted to the current times. They have developed new technology that will make your workout at home a lot less of a hassle. Items you can order and have delivered straight to your door, the convenience and safety are unmatched.

In this guide we will be discussing the different tools you can use to get a proper workout without leaving the safety of your own home, below are a few examples of equipment that allow you to feel the burn anytime anywhere.

Gorilla bow

The Gorilla Bow is part of the latest and greatest developments for home workouts, it allows you to work on several parts of your body at the same time without causing too much inconvenience to you after you work out. It is handy and designed to be brought wherever you may go, so you can now take your work out wherever you like. It has a very comprehensive method of working out your whole body. Its intensity can be adjusted at any given point depending on your needs at the moment, and the bands that come along with it can be used for multiple purposes as well. It is actually one of the most practical choices when choosing to work out from home since you can really do so much on this one piece of equipment.


The Kettlebell is a small spherical weight with a handle at the top of it, it is very versatile when working out at home. It does not occupy much space when you need to store it, plus, it can work out multiple parts of your body. There are different workouts you can do with this equipment like kettlebell pushups, Russian getups, burpees, and the like. Once conditioned, you can always get a heavier kettlebell to intensify your workout and focus on different parts of your body.


This is probably one of the most underrated workouts currently, but the advantages are limitless when it comes to using a jump rope to work out at home, though it may eat up a lot of space at home due to the range of motion required to jump rope correctly, when used to work out, it can be highly beneficial as a cardio replacement to other more conventional workouts that you won’t be able to do due to the pandemic, like jogging and running. There are multiple videos online that can show you how to properly utilize a jump rope, make it fun, and even do tricks.

Balance Ball

The balance ball is probably the one piece of equipment on this list that may take up a lot of space at home, but can also provide immense benefits when it comes to core exercises and weight training. There are many workouts available online involving the balance ball, ways to develop cardio, muscle control, and strength. Though storage of the balance ball may be a little difficult, the results of working out with it are limitless. 

Consider trying out a balance ball if you are in need of core-focused exercise, it is definitely a different experience from working out at a conventional gym where everything is tied down.