Accent Your House With Splendid Canvas Art

A successful home interior is one that encourages you to explore the details, scrutinize, and discover different elements in a room. Every home should have something that attracts the viewer’s attention. The best solution is to create an accent wall. What is an accent wall anyway? This is a wall in a room that differs from others. There are lots of ways to improve your interior: changing the color of a wall you want to be visually dominant, adding moldings or wooden paneling, add wallpapers with a beautiful pattern. But all of these options require either a special set of skills or they are time-consuming. But you do not have to leave your dreams of an ideal home interior. This is high time you met canvas wall art and what it can do to your interior.

In this article, you will get to know some great ideas to refresh your home interior, give it character and simply make it look more appealing with the help of canvases and a blank wall.

Oversized Canvas Art

To create visual interest, it is always better to use slightly oversized items. Wall decoration is a source of color and brightness in a room. Huge artwork hanging above the sofa in a living room, or above a bed in a guest bedroom would draw the attention of your guests. While choosing the theme, you should consider your home style, the vibe you want to achieve, and the color scheme of your place. The best and most used are abstract pictures, but there is a place for trendy and practical decoration as well. If you are enjoying traveling and would like to show that piece of your soul to your guests, hanging a black and white world map would be the right choice. It is a perfect solution for minimalist apartments and Scandinavian interior designs. Besides, such a piece would not distract you from your daily routine.

Want to get something bold? A statement artwork with an abundance of colors would definitely make your day and revive the whole atmosphere. Still, for those who prefer something milder and classical, a wide range of landscapes and cityscapes is a way to go. Panoramic prints invite the outdoors in, and visually make your space wider and more spacious. You can find new and trendy pieces to create a cozy nest at TexelPrintArt – a handcrafted product of a natural canvas is a guarantee of a long-lasting customer experience and satisfaction.

Gallery Wall

If you can’t choose a print, who told you you can’t have them all? A gallery wall is a unique arrangement of artworks you like and you think stick together. Such an accent wall makes you want to go closer and take a look at each piece of art. Gallery walls could be made in any room: living or dining room, bedroom or lounge, bathroom, or an entryway. The first thing you need is your creativity and desire to transform a place. With lots of layouts – vertical or horizontal – you can revive even the tiniest dwelling by making it visually appealing and more inviting. It doesn’t matter if your home style is classic or minimalistic, a gallery wall is a nice way to freshen things up.

Vintage heavy frames and some landscapes or nature would look fabulous in a classic dwelling. An arrangement of simple prints with light and thin frames is a great addition to a minimalist apartment. Contemporary space would benefit from cool and edgy canvases, and abstract and unique pieces matching by color. And if you just want to follow your heart and hang something that cheers and warms you up, a collection of family photos capturing the happiest moments is probably your thing.

No Place? No Problem

Even if you have a tiny space it doesn’t mean you cannot make it look beautiful and personal. Nowadays, most stores offer canvases of small sizes as well. They are relatively cheaper, do not require a special delivery, and could be taken with you if you like to move out somewhere else. Small canvases work well alone or combines with some other pieces. For example, you can pair your favorite print and that way create an interesting accent wall in a living room or your studio. Single canvas looks simple and mesmerizing, you just want to keep it on eye-level for your guests to see it. In the same way, you could create your own arrangement of your favorites and show your taste to your friends.

Multi-Panels vs Single Panel

Those who have seen interior design magazines should have noticed how often designers choose multi-panel canvases. Is this a better option than a single panel? From the design point of view, a sense of repetition creates a visual balance and gives some kind of cleanliness to a space. Split canvases cope with this task just perfectly – they let you follow the design basic rules and create an accent wall everyone notices when entering a room. With the small distance between the panels, a picture appears as a unity, yet it adds air to the interior. You can choose from diptychs and triptychs or you could make turn your blank wall into a wonder by using four or five panels at the same time.

Yet, it doesn’t mean a single canvas is worse. A print like that is more practical and could attract attention as well as a multi-panel decor.

A Word About Pros

– One of the greatest benefits of canvas art is durability. The high-quality ink assures a lifetime of vibrancy and the natural materials make it an ecologically friendly product.

– Variety of choices – you can choose a design you like and have it printed simply everywhere. From your favorite artworks to family photos, art would look magnificent.

– Different size options. Your canvas can be made in a different size, you are the one who is in charge of making your interior decisions.

– The 3d effect. A canvas gives your interior a sense of dimension, it creates depth, and is able to trick your eyes with its various color schemes and patterns.

– Easy maintenance. Your canvas doesn’t require difficult maintenance just wipe the dust off and enjoy quality artwork.

Now you see, a canvas is the best and the simplest way to create an accent wall and transform your home. Create a beautiful and cozy space with the variety and vibrancy of canvases.