About ATLAS Chiropractic: Hong Kong’s Leading Chiropractic Wellness Centre

Do you sit for most of the day?

Are you suffering from neck pain and low back pain? 

If you do, then booking an appointment to see a Hong Kong chiropractor is what you should do. Chiropractic treatment will not only help you with your neck pain or low back pain but also treat other health conditions. Because if you do have other health conditions that a chiropractor can fix, why not get them done, right?

If you are interested in seeing a Hong Kong chiropractor, then I recommend ATLAS Chiropractic wellness center in Hong Kong to get a quality and safe chiropractic treatment. If you do not have extra time to visit ATLASChiropractic wellness center to get a slot, you can still go on their website Or you can also book your Hong Kong chiropractic appointment via call.

Before we tell you more about ATLAS Chiropractic Wellness Center, it would be helpful to know a bit about Chiropractic and chiropractor. 

Chiropractic: How does it work?

Do you recall seeing viral chiropractic videos online? Do you relive the feeling you get when you hear the bone-cracking sound? Well, that is what goes around when getting chiropractic wellness treatments. The chiropractor, with their skills, strengthens the extreme scoliosis of someone’s back. Watching a chiropractic treatment is both horrifying and satisfying at the same time. If there is any subluxation with the patient, the chiropractor cracks the targeted area and re-aligns the spine for effortless movement. 

Chiropractic is also medical treatment, but rather than emphasizing medicinal use, chiropractic wellness focuses on the diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system and then applying mechanical manipulation via hands as treatment. Chiropractic wellness is gaining tremendous popularity in multiple major cities globally, including Hong Kong. 

Like any other chiropractors, the chiropractors in Hong Kong also manipulate the patient’s joints, tissue, and spine using only their hands (manual techniques) for a better therapeutic purpose. The outcome of chiropractic wellness treatment is widely effective and appreciated by the patients. It helps the person relieve their body stress. Besides ordinary body pains and limb numbness, chiropractic wellness treatment is applicable for headaches, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, spinal health, and subluxation nervous systems. If you suffer from such issues, you should visit the Atlas Chiropractic wellness center in Hong Kong. 

Atlas Chiropractic Wellness Centre Hong Kong

The popularity and demand for chiropractic treatment are surprisingly in their growing phase. Atlas Chiropractic provides rehabilitative wellness treatment and also excellent neurological and spine health treatment. You never know in which part of your body you should get a chiropractic treatment done. 

Our body posture is easily affected by our activity, even if it’s the most simple and everyday thing for your body. When you carry excess weight or bags on your shoulder, your neck, shoulder, and back could be affected. When you constantly lie on your bed, the posture could influence your spine health. 

So, you see, even if your spine health or nervous system is not severely under pressure, a quality chiropractic wellness treatment at Atlas Chiropractic wellness center is all you need to make your body and health active again. Hence, if you are convinced and want to try out simple chiropractic treatments, you can visit here and book your new patient appointment. Well, not technically a patient, though. 

Atlas Chiropractic has a long list of conditions for offering chiropractic treatment in Hong Kong. You should get a Hong Kong chiropractic wellness treatment if you multiple times suffer from the conditions listed below.

Common conditions that Atlas Chiropractic wellness center treats are:

  • Back pain or low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Gut health
  • Inflammation (acute and chronic)
  • Poor posture
  • Sleep issues
  • Pediatric health issue
  • Sciatica
  • Stress
  • Sports injuries and rehabilitation
  • Spine-health

Atlas Chiropractic wellness center’s founder is a well-known chiropractor, Dr. Ben Dryer. He dedicates his chiropractic wellness treatment to a wide range of clients ranging from children to youths to adults to the elderly. He emphasizes his chiropractic skills to treat several conditions to relieve immense pain and stress relief. 

At ATLAS Chiropractic wellness center, the initial consultation fee for children is HKD 800 and for adults is HKD 900. The initial consultation fees include the costs of the report and findings. Depending on your condition and chiropractic effects, the number of chiropractic sessions you have to get will vary. However, each chiropractic adjustment session typically runs 15-20 minutes. 

Suppose you are thinking about getting a chiropractic treatment from Atlas Chiropractic wellness center. In that case, you should visit them during the opening hours, which are usually Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 1 pm, mostly). You would find them closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public/national holidays. 

What goes in the initial consultation stage of Atlas Chiropractic wellness center?

When you first book an appointment for chiropractic wellness in Hong Kong, it does not start with immediate treatment but examination and consultation. Likewise, the initial consultation stage at Atlas Chiropractic wellness center involves identifying your problem and its cause. If you are having low back pain, why is it the cause of it? Examine your condition whether chiropractic treatment is suitable or not. If the situation is worse than expected, you might have to get serious medical help. 

During your first visit to the Hong Kong chiropractor, there will be a lengthy discussion on your condition and decide if short-term chiropractic care will do the job or a long-term session is necessary. Regardless, chiropractic adjustments do not start right away. 


That being said, Atlas chiropractic wellness center’s treatment is meant to target the patient’s external and internal stressors to relieve stress and pain. Proper and reliable chiropractic treatment allows the patients to live a healthy lifestyle by optimizing their spinal health and recovery. All in all, you get a super relaxed body after chiropractic care. 

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