Ab Crack: The Newest Summer Trend for Your Body

The new trends and inventions come faster than expected. They will take over the world in a second.

At least this is how they are brought to us. We only see the final result and how fast it became a global trend. What we don’t see is the sweat, tears, and time spent for the product to become a viral thing.

The same thing goes with the ab crack. That crack is here for many years now. People who exercise on daily basis focus on making their stomach look perfectly in shape.


They can’t miss that ab crack that shows up when you hit the right workout and perfect body weight.

When my husband came home yesterday, he told me about a group of women that came to the gym asking for an instructor who will show them how to get the abs crack.

When he asked them to explain a little bit about what they want to achieve, they showed him pictures of athletes and models working out to get that line.

The old school people call it abs, but the proper term for this line is called the linea alba.

Linea alba

It’s the fibrous structure that separates the left and right rectus abdominal muscles. Doctors and fitness experts are saying how people want this crack more than pronounced abs.

If you are interested in this, I will tell you what I found how to see this break on your abdomen.

But first, let me continue by saying that you need to work on those abs before it shows up.

I’m interested. How to get started?

It’s sweet of you to be here. Like any other fitness or healthy goal, the abs crack requires proper healthy nutrition, as well.

Get a well-balanced diet and you are going to be just fine.

The workout is important. Forget about the regular once-in-a-week ab workout if you want to get the ab crack pop out.

Here are a few examples that could help you get those abs.


An exercise you’ve probably never heard before.

It’s the vacuum exercise. It requires from you to breathe out the air and suck the abdomen in. Hold it like that for approximately 10 seconds.

You are going to feel like your stomach is touching your spine.

There you have it. Nutrition and exercises are crucial. Including yoga in your routine will be perfect because it will extend your muscles and expose the abs crack.

Don’t forget to continue sharing this new trend with all of your friends.

Source: LifeBuzz

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