A Woman’s Guide to Gun Ownership

Are you planning to purchase your first gun, or you’re looking to manage gun fear? Either way, owning a firearm is critical to your life as a woman. Furthermore, choosing the right gun gives you a sense of confidence, protection, and security. However, navigating the male-dominated markets, especially gun buying, can be challenging. But the reality is that even though sexism still exists, owning a gun isn’t a male thing. It is a privilege and a right to which everybody is entitled, regardless of gender.

Therefore, as a woman, you have to approach the shopping scenario with confidence to make a wise decision and avoid expensive mistakes to enjoy the security, peace of mind, and joy that comes with gun ownership. With that in mind, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the right gun.


The first thing to consider when purchasing a gun for self-defense is its user-friendliness. Remember that your gun is what stands in between you and a predator or an intruder, and it can save your life, so get something that makes sense to you. The gun you choose must have a design to match your muscle memory and allow you to use it quickly and efficiently. Subsequently, the gun controls should be efficiently designed so you can use them without any modifications to the handgrip. Lastly, you must ensure that you can pull the trigger and even rack the slide effortlessly.


You should ensure that the firearm you select is wearable. Meaning, you must be able to carry it either concealed or open in your daily routine. Your firearm must be of an appropriate weight and size considering your body size and ability to sustain the gun’s extra weight. It would be best to consider other factors such as physical limitations, for which you may have to compensate.

It could be anything from bodyweight, either too heavy or too thin, missing limbs, flexibility in your back/shoulders, paralyzed, or ability to carry the gun weight on your hips. The bottom line is that you must ensure that the gun you pick is of the right size, has a safe holster, and has a secure way to attaching the holster to your body (with an appropriate cover garment). Remember that your ultimate goal is to reach out to your gun whenever you need it.


If your gun isn’t reliable, then there is no point in owning it in the first place. It must work efficiently every time you want to use it. That boils down to what you pay for; conduct in-depth research and ensure that the firearm you select is of good craftsmanship and has all your preferred features before you make a purchase. Maintaining your gun is also the key to keeping it in good shape and enhancing its reliability.

Some of the ways to maintaining it include rotating magazines and ammunition, occasionally shooting it, and cleaning it at least twice a year. Consequently, your gun’s reliability can also be affected by your ability to use the gun appropriately. If your gun malfunctions regularly, you can try changing ammunition. But if even when using different ammo, you still experience malfunctions, you may consider taking more training.

Consider Professional Training

If you’re thinking of purchasing a firearm or already bought one, you need professional training on handling and using it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it appropriately. It doesn’t matter the type or price tag of your gun. All you need is to have a proper mindset. And you will only find that mindset by taking a professional firearm course to equip yourself with the knowledge and techniques you need to use the gun to protect yourself and the people around you.