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Created with CBD, It is THC Free, undergoes third party testing and with free shipping available to USA residents only.

An active life entails healthy joint and muscle functions for optimal productivity. Especially for corporate workers with neither time nor opportunity to go for a full body massage, Or working parents who always need to be there for their family and friends, Or the average student who finds a healthy body a greater asset, battling school and social life demands. Just about everyone needs to function at their best and what better way to achieve this than to have relief with muscle and joint function.
However, the CBD Salve is a fast action moisturizing balm created to maintain healthy joint and muscle functions. And in case you don’t know, CBD is a chemical compound gotten from cannabis. Through a process of chemical refining, CBD is free from the psychoactive element; THC. This in turn makes the products safe for end users.

Purchasing the Heaven’s Organics CBD Salve, you will discover the following features:

  • A broad black twist and turn cover to keep the bottle airtight.
  • A short squat cylindrical bottle. This will enable you to fit or slide the container into small spaces. This will fit in your small purse or bag!
  • As a moisturizer, it enables a wide spread of the balm across skin surfaces of target areas. Just a little can do so much.
  • An aromatic scent of lavender and eucalyptus specifically added into production to help you relax. The aromatic scent gives off soothing impulses to your senses.

What is Inside

A moisturizing balm with soothing effects.

What it Does

Applying the CBD Salve moisturizing balm grants immediate relief to hurting zones in the body.

It also promotes relaxation of the body muscles. It sustains healthy muscle and joint functions.


  • It is portable and handy.
  • It provides quick relief for muscle and joint discomfort.
  • It is THC free and made from cannabinoid which is CBD. Hence no side effects.
  • Provides muscle and joint relaxation.
  • Enhances productivity.

Key Ingredients

  • Organic Essential oils lavender and eucalyptus
  • Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Organic bee wax
  • For optimal performance you could pair it together with ​CBD Tinctures

Benefits You Stand to Gain When You Buy from Us

Heaven’s organics is a family founded project that started with a quest to live a healthy fulfilled life. First they shared their knowledge with friends and family and discovered that this was not enough. Then they set out to seek ways to bring their knowledge at your doorstep. Here are the benefits you enjoy when you buy from Heaven’s Organics:

  • Asides being THC free, the products are made from a broad spectrum of USA grown hemp. No compromises.
  • The products are premium grade and enjoy uniformity of standards.
  • They undergo third-party testing and are endorsed with QR codes. This assures you of our commitment to safety and trust.
  • Active and available customer support.
  • Free shipping although this is specifically for USA residents.
  • There is a return policy for an exchange or replacement otherwise 14 days after purchase. This is if the product seal is unbroken.
  • You are assured of quality. Remember it is THC free no compromises.

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